Friday, December 17, 2010

Season 19: Mid-Season Awards- NL

1. Marc Christman has 43 HR at the half.  He did not even make the ballot last season.  He would win in a landslide if he makes the ballot.

2. Ned Andrews has 40 HR and 96 RBI is about the extent of the offense in St. Louis.  He chose a good time for a breakout season.

3. Don Tanaka gets on base at an amazing rate and is the best player on the best team in the league.

Worth Watching: Brad Terrell is having his best season as a Cub this season but the team is under performing.  Will he finish the season on the team or provide a spark for another team?

NL Cy Young
1. Grover Christensen may be my favorite pitcher that is not on my team.  He is scary.

2.Greg Hume benefits from his teams overall performance.  His 14 wins make him a favorite to be a candidate at the end of the season, his other stats will help draw him some votes.

3.Danys Henriquez is having another solid season.  The question is whether he can reach 200 ip.

Worth Watching: Marc Sele is turning in a solid season.  His wins and ERA do not show how good he has been.

NL Rookie of the Year
1. Alex Matsumoto, the pride of Kabul, already has wrapped up the award.  His obp of .399 could push him into MVP discussions.

2.Greg Barkley has been impressive so far.  I don't see it continuing the rest of the season.  I smell a slump when the righties come a dealing.

3.Al Cruz has 16 saves in 17 chances, he just won't have the IP to win the award in the end.

Worth Watching: Doug Gabriel has the best stats of any rookie starting pitcher.  In any other park though his ERA would be closer to 6.00 than the 4.31 it sits at now.

Worth watching 2: Douglas McCullough has an era of 10.80 and an WHIP of 2.02.  What can you get for that? 16 saves in 21 chances.

NL Manager of the Year
1.  TheStiffs has Detroit rolling.  After a somewhat disappointing season 18 they have really bounced back strong and look like a favorite to make the series.

2. Mirky- Regardless of how he got all the talent the team is winning at a .720 pace.  That is incredible.

3. Pbrow- Second best record in the NL with a .710 winning percentage and in the same division as Mirky?  nice.  At least there is the wild card.

Worth Watching: vlpratt62 has flirted with .500 all season. After finishing 4th in 15 of the last 18 seasons this team is on the verge of a breakout.

Worth Watching 2:  briancampos:  During each of the last two seasons the Armstrongs have fallen 6 or more games out of first around the transaction deadline only to rally and take the division.  Do they have it in them again?

World Series Odds
Tampa Bay 3:1
Huntington 7:2
Detroit 5:1
New York 10:1
Atlanta 10:1
Chicago 11:1
Colorado 12:1
Anaheim 15:1
St. Louis 25:1
Burlington 35:1
Washington 50:1
Charleston 50:1
Oklahoma City 500:1
LasVegas 998:1
Seattle 999:1
San Juan 1000:1

Season 19: Mid-Season Awards- AL

1. With 8 more home runs Pat Hernandez will match his career high.  74 runs and 76 runs show he is producing.  Add in the defensive impact he has had and he is leading candidate for MVP

2. Kenneth Pierre has been player of the week 2 times this season, but he has also been very streaky.  Solid player overall.

3. Joe Fitzgerald is having a career year at 33.  With 70 runs at the break and A .382 BA he is making a huge impact in Memphis.

Worth Watching: Josias Cortez's number look good on the surface but doubles are up and homers are down.  Look for a home run  surge in the second half.

AL Cy Young

1. Leon Stovall has the wins, he has the whip, he has the strikeouts.  He is a horse.

2. Luis Lee is having a great season and a big reason for Cleveland's success.  Their offense is the biggest reason but combine Lee's pitching with that offense and you get some success.

3. Cameron Carter's win total is unimpressive the rest of his stats look good.  Put him on a winner and he would be stronger candidate.

Worth WatchingGail Latham's stats are impressive, he lacks the IP at this point.  By season's end I expect he will be closer to the top of this list

AL Rookie of the Year
1. Carl Russell is a fringe MVP candidate.  Nice start to a career.

2.  Rule 5 draftee Roger Justice has been reliable, getting on base at a .370 clip.

3.  Al Garces is turning in a solid season on the mound.  His advanced stats show he has been the victim of some bad luck.  Watch for his numbers to improve.

Worth Watching: Ruben Ordonez has a whip of 1.28 and an ERA of 5.02.  I expect one of the two to change..

AL Manager of the Year
1. Mmustain has guided Ottawa to a 55-38 after trading away multiple key major league players in the offseason.  At the moment they sit one game out of first in a tough AL North.

2. toddcommish has San Francisco in second place but sits 12 out.  They have a chance at the wild card after several sub .500 seasons.

3.  An early season managerial change has paid dividends in Montreal.  Hypnotoad has them on a good path after several seasons of under performing.

 World Series odds
Syracuse- 7:2
Vancouver- 5:1
Memphis- 7:1
New York- 9:1
Cleveland- 11:1
Ottawa- 15:1
Philadelphia- 17:1
Charlotte- 18:1
 Montreal- 60:1
Florida- 80:1
San Diego-120:1

Louisville- 200:1

Indianapolis- 500:1

Monday, November 15, 2010

Hall of Fame Results: Season 19

27 Users in the world voted.  To get into the hall you need to get 17 votes.

Below are the results: (Votes received)

Marvin Aurilia (26)- No brainer.  First in career homers and second in hits.  He is also first in triples, runs and runs batted in.

Anthony Aurilia (23)- Career leader in on base percentage.  He has the third highest career batting average and the first two have a lot less AB and played in Coors for a bulk of their careers.  Aurilia's numbers are hurt by his durability that limited him to about 140 games a season.

Failed to gain entry:
Hawk Walker (14)- Hawk's whole candidacy is tied to being a HBD contributor.  He was the first big money free agent.  The owner who won the bid even had a Hawk Walker Jersey made (allegedly for his cats).  PAst that Walker's numbers are good.  131 wins to 48 losses for a pretty good winning percentage.  He won 2 Cy Young awards and was named to the all-star team 4 times.  Not often discussed are the injuries in season 3, 8, and 9.  The season 3 injury changed the way he was used moving forward and the season 8 injury set up the season 9 injury that limited him to 1 start and virtually ended his career.  He had 7 seasons prior to generation so his stats could be better.

Hanley Decker (9)- Hanley's 243 wins are the most by a hall eligible player not in the hall.  2 time Cy Young winner and 3 time all-star.

Brutus Bryant (6)- Brutus was the best pitcher in the NL not named Donnie Brown during his career.  It is worth noting that from 4 to 13, Brown won ever Cy Young award but one.  That one was won by Bryant.  Bryant's case is hurt by misuse.  The guy could have pitched over 300 innings a season for 10 years.  He just was not used that way.

Willis Little (5)- 397 saves, 9 time all-star, 5 time fireman of the year.  I did not vote for him this year because we had a strong class.  I will vote for him again next year.  He only blew 47 saves in his career.  He also has 4 years that have no stats generated.  Best closer in the history of Ruth.

Kevin O'Connor (5)- 2-time MVP winner.  Played in 6 all-star games and won 3 silver slugger awards as a 1b.  His main draw is his 561 major league homers in 13 seasons. Career .583 SLG and .975 career OPS.

Alex Belliard (5)- Among eligible candidates Belliard has the most hits.  He was a dual threat, achieving a 40-30 seasona dn coming cllose to another 30-30 season.  He has multiple all-star and silver slugger awards.  No MVP's however and he only played 14 full seasons and was less than 300 hits from 3000.  He was extremely healthy as well though so he missed no injury time.

Midre Aquino (4)- 6 all-star appearances and 1 Cy Young award hardly tell the story of the second best NL pitcher not named Donnie Brown during Aquino's career.  226 career wins, second all time not in the hall but hall eligible.  Curiously he never won 20 in a season and played on some very good teams.  He does have over 2800 strikeouts for his career.

Benito Romero (3)- I voted for him a couple seasons ago.  He has the highest career average of any HBD player.  His numbers would be really good if HBD was not started mid career.  He also played a bulk of his career in Coors.  2 strikes against him there.

Luis Johnson (2)- Johnson is a 6 time all-star and one time Cy Young winner.  He lost 4 years off the start of his career.  From season 3 to season 10 he was a dominating force in the lague and very good outside of those seasons.

Peter Belinda (2)- 633 homers and a .915 OPS go with his 2 1b Gold Glove awards.

Tyrone Beltre (1)- Homer vote for a guy with 405 and 2065 hits.  He does have 4 SS awards as a SS and 4 all-star appearances.

Luis Benitez (1)- I am glad to see he got a vote.  Benitez is one of my favorite players of all time.  He hit 536 career homers and named a all-star 4 times.  The main reason I love him is that he was one of the key pieces in the trade that brought Hugh Campbell to St. Louis.  Campbell was never an all-star player but he was a key piece in two world series teams.

Anthony Abercrombie (1)- 2 all stars, 3 silver sluggers as a SS.  Played most of his career as a SS, CF or 3b.  He has the second most hits of eligible players not in the hall.  Pretty good production for the position and I may warm on him for it.

Rob Adams (1)- Rob Adams has 355 career home runs and a career OPS of .897.  He is a career 1b.  Sadly his minor league numbers from season one are gone causing a brief mystery to me as I looked over his seasonal performance.

Timo Kondou (1)- Kondu Scared me greatly as an opposing manager.  Season 1 MVP and a 3 time all-star.  He won a world series in season 2.  He is a victim of mid-career generation.

Russ Maurer (1)- Maurer has 213 career wins and deserves some recognition for that.  He is a 4 time all-star and won a Cy Young award in season 7.  He was not as good as Luis Johnson.  Curiously he was also traded during season 7.

Tom Saunders (1)- Who knew Saunders had more career saves than little?  He also had 78 blown saves.  He is a 9 time all-star.  He is kind of like the HBD equivalent of Lee Smith.  He has the numbers but was never the best.

Trey Ransom (1)- Ransom had 542 homers in his career.  A bulk of his career was played as a DH.  His secondary position was catcher, where he played less than 1/3 of his games.

Valerio James (0)- James is a piece of HBD history.  When the game first started in season one, the owner who had James inexplicably waived him.  Schedule1, who needed no help from day 1, had waiver position 1 and was very confident he had won the claim.  I luckily had waiver position 0 and was awarded the rights to James, who became a solid contributor for his major league career.  He was a key part of the trade to bring Lou Vaughn and Donald Yang to St. Louis.  Both of whom played key roles on two world series teams.

Sherm Lawton (0)- 701 homers and no votes.

Monday, September 27, 2010

NL MVP Candidate: Don Tanaka

Don Tanaka is the best player on the best team in the NL.

The argument against him winning the award is the "Yankee" argument.  His team would win without him.    Despite that, his numbers are the best across the board. 

He already has won the Home Run Derby this year lets cap it off with the MVP.

Worth noting in the trivia department, Tanaka has won the MVP at HiA, AA and AAA already.  Maybe if he wins it at the majors he can be demoted to LoA next season and RL the season after to complete the level MVP trophy case.

NL MVP Candidate: Bobby Valentin

Bobby Valentin has been the straw that stirred the Busch this season.   he is on a pace to set a career high in HR, BA, OBP, and OPS.  He has been the disrupter that keeps the team moving.

Going back to the last entry though.  How does a 2nd/third place team that is 2.5 out of the second wild card slot and 1.5 out of the division warrant two all star candidates?  It doesn't.  Both players get on base but neither has the counting stats of the other players on the ballot.

NL MVP Candidate: Frank Dong

I hate to bash my own team but how do the Armstrongs have two MVP Candidates?

The first of the two is Frank Dong.  Dong has hardly been his own team's MVP much less tthe league MVP.  He is a great player, and versatile too filling in at 3b every now and then, but when he has been out of the lineup his absence has not been a guaranteed loss.

A 1.004 OPS has something to do with his inclusion on the list.  That OPS is more impressive considering Busch Stadium is not a hitters paradise.  Put him in Wrigley and see how many homers he hits.

Good Season Frank, lets talk contract after the rollover.

NL MVP Candidate: William Burks

William Burks is having a monster season.  Despite his numbers the Charge remain 13.5 games behind Tampa for the division and 6.5 behind the second wild card slot.  Based on the current bias against players on non-playoff teams I do not see this ending well for Burks.

48 homers, 110 Runs, 101  RBI

Solid Season Burks

NL MVP Candidate: Brad Terrell

Brad Terrell is the best offensive player on a very good team.  As I look at him I am left to wonder, "How good would this guy be if he could draw a walk."  His stats as a whole a great but of the 5 candidates he is the only one with an OBP under .400.

  With 37 homers already his numbers are certain to surpass last season's numbers but they won't reach the numbers he accumulated in San Juan.

Terrell is a great player who plays a very difficult position.  He is the best player on the second best team in the NL and as such he deserves this nomination.  In the end I do not see myself voting for him.

**editBurks has an OBP below .400 as well at .351

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Draft Analysis: Shannon Clark

Shannon Clark is going to be a beast.  If he played any other position (excluding 1b) he would have been a # 1 or 2 pick.  Neill, despite his groin injury was the right pick at one but Clark is the hands down #2.  His projections make him a potential hall of fame type player provided he develops.

The risk with Clark is he is 22 and has a huge way to go to make his projections and it may not be possilbe.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Rookie of the Year Discussion AL Offense

Only 10 AL rookies have over 300 AB and of them only 4 have have an ops above .700.

Hideki Yamamoto has my vote already.  He leads AL rookies in HR, R, and RBI.

Worth mentioning is Al Nixon who has under 300 AB and 55 fewer than Yamamoto.  He only has 2 fewer HR and an OPS over .900.  By season's end it may be worth discussing.

Now that I have done the offense I have reconsidered what I said about the pitchers.  I expect 2 of them to be nominated.

Rookie of the Year Discussion AL Pitching

Victor Fernandez may be the most qualified AL Rookie pitcher.
Arlie Clark has become a great middle reliever.
Louie Brand has an AL leading 10 wins for a rookie, but his other stats are as impressive as Matt Elliot.

Nothing else to really talk about here.  I suspect none will be nominated for the ROY award and if they are they won't win.

Rookie of the Year Discussion NL pitching

On the pitching side

Matthew Elliott leads the league in IP but his other numbers are less impressive and his inclusion in a pitching experiment has hurt his win total.
Paxton Gaetti leads NL rookies in wins and his other numbers are also really good but his win total is helped for the same reasons Elliot's is hurt.
Ron Moore has been solid out of the pen.
Larry Dye has decent numbers but not enough of them.

Rookie of the Year Discussion NL offense

Despite the media's  infatuation with Russell Tracy there seems to be a pretty good race coming together for ROY in the NL.
Tracy is second in the NL in Home runs and plays a tough defensive position.
Felipe Reynoso plays the less challenging 1b but leads NL rookies in HR, RBI, and BB while coming in second in OPS and Runs.

D.T. Lidge is first in runs.
Hector Dotel is first in OPS but has about 100 less ab.  If he was out there more often he would lead several categories.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Paul York Uses emory boards

How else would you explain the success of Paul York other than cheating.  I suspect he was coached by Joe Neikro in high school.

With that commentary out of the way I do want to also mention Schedule1 has a history of getting more than most out of his pitching.  Is it the ballpark?   Is it the usage?  Is it the catching?

Whatever the reason, I am jealous.

Monday, September 20, 2010

#2 pick Bennie Thomas

Bennie Thomas was the second player picked in this seasons amateur draft.  He has a future as a major leaguer but he will likely not match up well against his peers from this draft.  He will pitch alot but likely projects as a #4.

I am eager to see how he compares to Bill Goodwin the #5 pick in the long run.  Goodwin will not pitch as many innings but they will be stronger innings.

What does Health really mean? The Alex Neill story

#1 draft pick from this season Alex Neill had a 92 health rating when he was drafted.  Now it is 88.  Massive groin injury has sidelined him for the remainder of the season.

On the down side, his season is over and he will miss any remaining opportunities for improvement.

On the plus side it was a groin injury and did not touch his pitching attributes.

Rough draw for the first pick in the draft 3 games into his career.

Monday, September 13, 2010

International signing: Miguel Belliard

Miguel Belliard was another useful signing.  HE compares favorably with other relievers who cost similar amounts on the INT market.  He will pitch more frequently than the other guys as well.  Good signing.

International signing: Willie Barrios

Willie Barrios cost 8.2 million to sign as an international FA.  While he will never dominate at the ML level he will be a solid contributor.  If he was a draft prospect he would likely have been picked in the late first round to early second round.  Not a bad investment at this stage of the season.  Especially if you have the cash left.  Granted a half a season remains but you never know if any more useful players will appear.  Good signing.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

NFL Predictions

AFC East- Dolphins
AFC South- Indianapolis
AFC North- Baltimore
AFC West- San Diego
AFC Wild Card I- Jets
AFC Wild Card II- Texans

NFC East- Giants
NFC South- New Orleans
NFC North- Green Bay
NFC West- Seattle
NFC Wild Card I- Redskins
NFC Wild Card II- Atlanta

AFC Championship Game: Texans over the Jets
NFC Championship Game: Atlanta over Giants
Superbowl: Atlanta over Texans

Friday, September 10, 2010

Breackout Candidate: Hector Dotel

Hector Dotel will not be able to play every game but when he plays he is going to play a pivotal role.  So far in his rookie season he leads all other ML rookies with a 1.024 OPS.  The next closest player, Felipe Reynoso comes in at .970. 

While Dotel's glove is not as good as Ivan Rodriguez, it is more in line with Mike Piazza, his bat makes up for any PC shortcomings.  Lefties try and avoid him, while righties are not to fond of him either.  Keep on raking Hector.

Breakout Candidate: Paxton Gaetti

Paxton Gaetti does not fit the profile as a true starter or reliever but he does meet the criteria to be a dominating performer.

As a rookie so far this season he has posted an 8-1 record as a B pitcher in a tandem matchup.  Averaging about 3 innings an appearance he has made the most of his time in the majors.  Sincer allowing 8 runs in 6.1 IP in his first 5 appearances Gaetti has been dominating allowing only 5 er in the next 43 IP.  For the season he has a 1.03 whip and an OAV of .201.

While he does not fit perfectly in many roles, one role he does fit is the true description of a Rookie of the year.

Team Captains: Bobby Valentin

Bobby Valentin has been to the World Series in St. Louis two times and won it once.  It is something he would like to change.  As one of the longest standing members of the team he is the clubhouse leader and field general.  His place atop th lineup has been secure since the day he arrived in St. Louis 8 seasons ago, after his rookie season in Detroit.  In 8 seasons he has 1569 hits, good for 4th all time in Armstrong history behind only Marvin Aurilia, Frank Dong and Rogers Weston.  All three of whom will be hall of famers one day.

With 1223 hits to go until he reaches 3000 he has an outside chance at this milestone.  Valentin's power has always been middle of the road so he should still have 5 seasons of prime production before he fades to a bench utility player. 

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Good Video

Stats Summary: Pitching

How have Mark Lui and Kevin Lane not won more games?

Vasco Abreu needs to have a talk with them. 12-1 !!

Grover Christensen is a beast.  He is going to make a ton of $ if he ever reaches FA.

Stats Summary: offense

Don Tanaka and Yamil Veras are men among boys.

William Burks and Marc Christman remain 1 and 2 in homeruns.  Burks is available by trade.

Lorenzo Maduro still uncatchable with 35 steals.

Stats Sumamry: Defense

Carlos Mota continues to lead the league in plus plays.  A SS at 3b.  Very impressive.  His hitting is been pretty good to.  Likely to be a career line there however.

Tied for the league lead of 18 plus plays is Vladimir Moreno he is a converted 3b.  His bat has also been a huge plus.

Calvin Gomes leads the majors in minus plays.  He should not be playing anything but 1b and his bat is not supporting his play.

Joaquin Baez is making a run at him with 15.  He is a lefty playing an infield position other than 1b.

Pedro Manto and Josh Williams are tied for the majors lead in errors.  Manot has been much better in the field however.  It is also worth noting Calvin Gomes shows up here again with 23, cementing his status as worst fielder in baseball.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Football Pickem

Made my football picks for the week.
Straight picks no spread.  Home teams bolded.
I added a little commentary on some of the games.

New Orleans over Minnesota- Favre kind of hurt, going with the home team.
Miami over Buffalo
Detroit over Chicago- I am not convinced Chicago will be able to run this offense.

Tennesse over Oakland
New England over Cincinnati
Carolina over Giants- Carolina closed old Giant Stadium with a big win for Carolina and seemed to know how to beat the Giants D. Now they open the new Giant's stadium.
Atlanta over Pittsburgh
Cleveland over Tampa
Jacksonville over Denver- Denver is a mess
Indianapolis over Houston
 Seattle over San Francisco- going with the home team
Green Bay over Philadelphia
St. Louis over Arizona- Arizona's offense does not look capable of doing anything.
Washington over Dallas- Wife is a Skins fan.
Jets over Baltimore- I am a Jets fan
San Diego over KC- I am tempted to take KC.  I think they will be good but until they show it, SD all the way.

Futures Team

I can't leave out the futures team.
I would like to however because this info is fairly meaningless.
I am curious what % of future team players ever make the majors.
It is a mix of guys too old to be prospects and players who are playing against fatigued opponents

Preliminary All Star

The preliminary All-Star Selections are up.

At a glance I notice a few things.

Colorado has 6 players including 2 pitchers!
7 fighting hamsters
5 speakeasies

A bunch of originals and snow belts. 
The one thing that struck me is how few players I actually recognized. 

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

DL Summary 9/7/10

Since the last DL summary there have been a few big injuries.  I do not have them all listed below but I wanted to focus on on.

Curt Baker

Curt was having a cy young quality year up to this point. 6-0 1.03 era and now he is gone until the offseason.  My condolances Vancouver.

The loss of Lou Scott was big as well but he returns in 5 games.

I also think the the loss of Ryan Edwards is difficult but I covered him last time.  He returns in 46 games.

No Hitter

Matty Mendoza threw a no hitter today.

It is worth noting for a couple reasons.   First because his season thus far has been abysmal.  Second, his ratings do not look like a no hitter was on his agenda of things to do.  Third, his agent is calling it a perfect game despite two errors by fielder behind him.

Congrats Matty on the "Perfect" pitching performance and the no hitter.

Monday, September 6, 2010

International report: Who do you spend your 13 million on?

Do you want to spend 13.4 mill and get Vic Coronado, a potential major league starter (a reliable #3/4)


Felipe Cruz for 12 mill flat.  Cruz is a shut down closer who may be limited to less than an inning per appearance depending how he develops.

Seems like a decent INT season so far.  Wish I had my money there this season.

International report:Sioux Falls

Sioux signed Carlos Cordero today for 2 million.  While the guy will never be an all star he has potential to be a pretty decent defender for several seasons.  I like it.

I also like the signing of Albert Blasco.  Not the same caliber as Vic Coronado, who is a reliable major league starter in the making, but good for a reliever.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

International report: Better than most draft prospects

Felipe Cruz signed today for 12 million.

He is ready for the majors today and better than most of the guys drafted a few days ago.  12 million is a bargain for this guy on the international market.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Steal of the Draft?

Was Peaches Knight the steal of the draft?
The guy looks like he could be a legit shutdown closer if he develops.

What are your thoughts?

A full draft recap will be completed in a week.  Give some guys a chance to sign.

Friday, September 3, 2010


The evening before the draft....
Why are you even reading this tonight, get busy ranking

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Weekly Stats Summary

Vasco Abreu is an early Cy Young Favorite.  Although that is based solely on wins.

What would Rick Magadan record be if he was on a good team

Tony Ramirez is having a great saves season.

How did Miguel Maduro get so many saves?

Billy Lockwood and Grover Christensen are on better teams than Magadan but their records do not match their stats either.

Karim Castro is a marvel.

William Burks and Marc Christman make quite a powerful combination.

Lorenzo Maduro laughs at D.T. Lidge's failure as base stealer.

Seriously though, Tomas Mateo needs to stop stealing.

Carlos Mendez had a 26 game hit streak.  41 is the best all time.

Carlos Mota has 13 plus a short stop playing 3b.  Pete Bohanon has 13 in CF.   Vladimir Moreno also has 13 but as a 1b.

Calvin Gomes has 15 - plays at 3b.  He is a rf with a 39 glove so no surprise.

Breakout Candidate:Jumbo Cox

Here is a place for Lesliechow to collect some of the better Jumbo Cox jokes.

As a player I find it shocking he is in the majors.  More shocking however is he has had some success.

Today it was said " Huge day for Jumbo Cox! Giving Yamil Veras a blow, he stepped up and really stuck it to the opposition"

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Team Captains: Yo Bo

Bo Thomas storms the field daily with the vigors of Duke but his play is more like Destro, a weapons dealer.  A five tool athlete, Thomas is carrying Washington to new heights this season, sort of.

While Washington currently in last place the team has experienced some stretches of extended success.  The current 4 game losing streak has dropped them below .500 for the first time all season.

Worth mentioning however is that Thomas is not the best player on the team.  Like most team leaders he is the clubhouse presence that steadies other players.  When reporters need to talk, they go to Thomas.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Breakout Candidate:Ned Andrews

It is hard to call someone a breakout candidate when they have been in the majors for several seasons and have hit arbitration.  But I am doing that for my own player today in href="" target="_blank">Ned Andrews.

Even though he posted an OPS over .900 each of the past two seasons it has felt like he has underachieved. Looking over his awards page my feeling is confirmed.  No all-star appearances.  He has been streaky and barely cracked 100 RBI playing for a team that has had some serious on base threats at the top of the lineup.

So far this season he has been putting it all together.  The thing he has been unable to do since arriving in the majors is walk with any consistency.  so far this season he has done so.  With an OBP over .400 and an OPs of 1.011 he is making a case for inclusion in the MVP discussion and making his first major league all star team. 

After 46 games he is at 51 RBI and 36 runs.  Most importantly, he has been consistent.

If things keep going the way they are Andrews will be recognized for what he has done and not what he could do.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Draft Analysis Part I

So prospects for the draft were released today.

Step one for me is to check and run my formula.

After doing this I then do a preliminary sort.

Based on my sort this season I anticipate a few teams are going to have great drafts. There are some good top level players but the drop off happens quickly.

Friday, August 27, 2010

DL Summary 8/27/10

Since my last DL post there have been a few guys who were removed from the DL and only 8 remain from the last time.  Of those 9 only 4 are currently eligible to ccome off the DL.

So who is new?

Victor Carreras got hurt, put on the DL, and is ready to come back to play the utility role.

Albert Diaz's injury is similar to Edwards in that it is a leg injury and did not touch the players area of strength.  He tore his hamstring.  Before the injury he had a 0 baserunning skill.  His speed dropped 5 rating points.

Brandon Smith is a nice back up and should be back soon.

Raul Javier utility infielder.

P Hal Rizzuto got hurt in his second major league start.  Minimal impact, back soon.

PSonny Coffman 8 starts in and got hurt.  No impact on long term but he probably could use an extra season of development in the minors.

Ryan Edwards see individual entry

Ryan Edwards injury oddity

Ryan Edwards dodged a bullet today.

It is a rare occasion when a player is hurt for 81 days and has few ill affects but that is what happened to Edwards today.

Edwards tore a muscle in his groin and the only areas of impact were speed, durability, stamina and health.

I know that WIS injuries tend to directly impact areas of injury but I was surprised this did not affect at least velocity. 

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Breakout Candidate: Tomas Mateo

Tomas Mateo needs to have corrective eye surgery to address that eye.  I suspect his struggles versus righties is all caused by some visual problem caused by that lazy eye.

His minor league numbers are great.  So far his major league numbers are good and considering his age further improvement is likely. 

The big question is whether he can play full time and maintain those numbers over a season facing the tough right handers in the league.

Team Captains:

Pedro Rios's role on the team has changed a lot over the years.

No longer asked to carry the team he is still around more for leadership than his on field least that is how it should be for a 39 year old fading star.

Rios is an amazing story of talent, greed, and redemption.

Reading his transaction log is interesting, he has it all.  Traded, accept option, decline option, left as free agent, placed on the waiver wire, added to 40 man roster.

He broke into the majors long ago, during season 1.  After only 9 minor league starts as a 21 year old he was in the majors.

He has 198 wins spending time playing with 7 different home parks (Burlington has been his home on two separate occasions).

He has had success and failure. Winning as many as 17 games in a season but also losing as many as 16 in a season.

Now, after the long journey he is winding it down in Burlington, mentoring a young staff.
Although wanderlust could kick back in again.  He is a free agent at seasons end.  He won't rule out anything.  He never has.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Power Ranking Week 2

Some movement in the rankings
1 Syracuse (2)
2 Tampa Bay (1)
3 Atlanta (10)
4 Chicago (4)
5 Memphis (3)
6 Huntington (5)
7 San Diego (8)
8 St Louis (13)
9 Ottawa (6)
10 Vancouver (12)
11 Washington (20)
12 Cleveland (16)
13 Colorado (24)
14 Indianapolis (26)
15 San Francisco (27)
16 Charleston (11)
17 Detroit (21)
18 Texas (14)
19 New York Mets (9)
20 Charlotte (17)
21 Philadelphia (23)
22 Little Rock (7)
23 Seattle (15)
24 Honolulu (19)
25 Arizona (18)
26 San Juan (25)
27 New York Crunch (22)
28 Sacramento (30)
29 Durham (29)
30 Burlington (28)
31 Sioux Falls (31)
32 Trenton (32)

International Signing Profile: Felipe Manuel

Felipe Manuel signed with the Syracuse Snowbelt.

So there a few questions I will put forward and address with him

 What is his potential?
I won't give away my projections but I will give my opinion.  For some teams he could be a potential #1.  For Syracuse, who seems to find aces everywhere, he will be a #4 at worst and a #2 at best.  His numbers look good overall and he will be able to pitch a ton of innings.  Garunteed major league pitcher, regardless of who got him.

Is he worth the 21.5 Million?
I have given up asking if players are worth over $20million.  I personally could never spend that much on an INT so I stay out of it all together.  Because we are all dealing with the same budgets the best INTS will always be worth $20+mill.  It is asset allocation and the cash asset was used here.

OK, rephrase that, will be be one of the top INTs?
Better question.  The INT market seems more volatile than the draft to me.  If we have a crappy INT season Manuel could potentially be the best one and his price was kept down by uncertainty.

If he were a draft prospect where would he be projected.?
I would say he would be a first round guy but mid to late.  In a good draft his projections would have him falling, possibly to Syracuse territory.  In a weak draft he would go mid first round.

Having typed that and processed it I would give the move a positive review.  The money invested in the INT market often comes at the expense of the draft.  In this situation the prospect secured is better than any prospect syracuse likely would have had the chance to get.  Well played.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Power Rankings

Results are coming Wednesday.
Too busy today.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Waiver Wire Watch

2 major league caliber SS are currently on the waiver wire.

Shane Forrest has been horrid this season.  Last season in a platoon role he was not half bad.  Decent glove that won't bury you.  OK bat.  Not much chance of loosing on that claim.

In the last year of his contract Felipe Veras has something to prove.  He is getting older and has lost a step but he is still pretty good defensively.  While his bat was Belliard like last season and this season is worse, he was a .300 hitter in season 16.  He also had 15 homers.  Add in some good SB stats and I could see him finding a home in SD.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

DL Summary 8/22/10

The following players are on the Major League DL

Vernon Phelps has been Charlotte's starting C.  He has been very good so far and his bat will be missed.

Charley Hunter was a rookie last year and spent half the season in the bigs.  He is developing and has had a rough start to the year.  He will miss about 4 starts.

Yorrick Farrell has been a solid contributor the past few seasons and has been his same consistent self until the injury.

Vic Duran will come off the DL tomorrow after missing 9 games or so.  He is a potential all star and his bat is needed.

Utility infielder Larry Nelson

CF Lance Shumaker has had a breakout start to the season.  Wrong time to get hurt for him.

Nolan Helton has been a major contributor but his stats look better than his ratings.  He has been having a Big Papi-like start to the season.

Rule V draftee Bob Buck has been shelled so far this season.  My guess is he never comes off the DL until the season is over.

Toby Coggin, see Bob Buck

utility infielder Sun Wanatabe is considering filing a grievance.

Same with Jarrod Charlton

Torn groin will keep Jamie Harper out 15 more games after already missing 30.

Game Mechanics: Push Pull

Question raised by KSBeachBums

"Hey, can anyone explain the push/pull number to me? I can't remember how you read it."

Answer from Patrickm885

"A rating of 0 indicates an extreme pull hitter."

Follow up question by Schedule1

"and is 100 extreme opposite field, with 50 being spray? or is 100 spray?"

Follow up answer by Patrickm885 again

"100 = extreme opposite field"

Toddcommish asked

"So does 50 = extreme centerfield?"

Patrickm885 answered

" It means he hits all over the place"

Weekly Stats Summary

Frank Gentry currently leads the majors with 5 wins.  He also has 3 saves.  Last season he had 5.  He has been lights out so far this season and on a pace to put up career numbers.

Benji Hunt's 0.76 whip leads the league and far and away much better than his career avverage of 1.48.  He also leads the league in ERA and OAV.

Miguel Maduro's 12 saves in 15 chances is pretty impressive.  His 1.66 whip is not.

Dean Medina has given up 12 home runs.  He has a 2.20 Whip and a 10.44 ERA.  His OAV is .421.  His ratings say he should be better.  For arizona's sake I hope he starts producing.  His $5.6 Mill salary should buy more.

William Burks 11 HR are tied for the league lead.  His numbers should be impressive at season's end.

Horacio Lee also has 11 home runs.  His intense stare frightens me.

Three players are tied for the league lead with 28 RBI.  Most surprising of the three is Jolbert Marrero whose peripheral numbers are much lower than the other two players.  He is only batting .253 compared to the other two who have averages of .344 and .400.

Don Tanaka and Lou DiFelice are 1 and 2 in runs scored and play a big role in MArrero's RBI success.

Earle Shelley may want to try to steal less. 

Bo Thomas has been a beast so far this year and doing a lot to legitimize Washington as a contender in the NL East.

William Burks is streaking.

Vladimir Moreno has 9+ plays at 1b.  He is really a good RF so this is no surprise.  What will be a surprise is when he shows up as an MVP candidate. Good but not MVP caliber.

Pedro Manto leads the league with 10 errors.  His numbers are slightly below average for a SS and could be much worse.  I would not be surprised however to see Pascual Franco pass him on the list.  He is playing 3b but with an outfielders glove.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Breakout Candidate: David Bonilla

David Bonilla was Tampa's candidate for breakout performer.  So far I am am struggling to see why.

23 games into the AAA season and he has played in 3 games and only gotten 13 at bats.  He looks like a star in the makings but with no opportunities it may never happen.  Get the man some AB and get him to the show!

Team Captains: Brandon "90210" Walsh

Brandon Walsh has never been to Beverly Hills but it is all people ask him about.  How's Brenda?  Have you seen Dylan recently?

Huntington is worlds away from  Beverly Hills and Brandon is king of the locker room. After making his first All-Star game appearance last season he has started off strong again this season with a 1.044 ops and 7 home runs through 23 games.  The players on the Deer Hunters have come to rely on his presence on the field and the role he plays in the locker room.

"He keeps us loose" says Carl Black with a sly grin.  "Ask him about his karaoke," was all Black would say when pressed.

"I have never seen such a passionate Bon Jovi fan," Todd Adcock says. "Part of the pregame warm up is a performance of 'Wanted Dead or Alive' he totally rocks it out.

Hitting Coach Troy Hudson just shakes his head.  "He has really stepped up his game this season though.  While the singing is a little odd, it keeps the other guys loose and if he can do that and hit the way he is hitting....let him be.  He is putting in the time he needs and he takes direction well."

Bench Coach Jimmy Campbell grinned when asked about him, "You mean MVP?  B-Wall is going to have a great year.  He is out leader.  His approach at the plate is great and the young guys look up to him and see the amount of time he puts in.  He has been rock solid and carrying the team so far."

Walsh may not make his way to Beverly Hills for his Bon Jovi impression but if he keeps up his hitting he will be Living on a Prayer in October.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Plus Play

One of my int. Scouts sent me the following clip of player we are considering

Pitcher of the Week

has some strong numbers but he is a reliever and pitched 8 innings.  4 saves and 4 wins is impressive but not award winning.

I would nominate Victor Nieves.  He is 4-0 in 5 starts and has 33 K's in 35 IP.  His whip is a little higher at 1.21 but he is above average and winning.

Player of the week

was named player of the week for week one. 
He is a fine choice but not the player I would have chosen.  My vote goes to Javier Park who is batting .418 and has a 19 game hitting streak.

Not any easy choice regardless.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Power rankings ballot

I ask that you copy the list I post to the blog and juggle the order around as needed.
Once done send it to me as a SM. Any private comments submitted via SM will be included in the team description. I would recommend using whatever resources you want but the expanded setting are most helpful.
I also encourage you to use the comments section to advocate for certain teams or talk trash. Thanks

Please submit your ballot by 8 pm on Monday

Team Rank high low
1. Tampa Bay Fighting Hamsters (9-8)
2. Syracuse Snow Belt(12-5)
3. Memphis Free Marketeers (11-7)
4. Chicago Speakeasies(11-6)
5. Huntington Deer Hunters (11-7)
6. Ottawa Braves (9-9)
7. Little Rock Originals (8-10)
8. San Diego Chargers (10-8)
9. New York Mets (7-10)
10. Atlanta Gay Pirates (14-3)
11. Charleston Charge (9-9)
12. Vancouver Anti Tankers (10-7)
13. St Louis Armstrongs (10-8)
14. Texas Southfork Ranchers(8-9)
15. Seattle Mariners (7-10)
16. Cleveland Armpits (10-8)
17. Charlotte Clippers(9-8)
18. Arizona Sons of Pitches (7-10)
19. Honolulu Warriors (8-9)
20. Washington Assassins (11-7)
21. Detroit Dynasty (11-6)
22. New York Crunch II (6-11)
23. Philadelphia Phanatics (9-9)
24. Colorado Fighting Bell Peppers (10-8)
25. San Juan Wizards (6-11)
26. Indianapolis Inconceivables (11-7)
27. San Francisco Flaxseeds (10-8)
28. Burlington Blaze (6-12)
29. Durham Bulls (8-9)
30. Sacramento Sun (6-12)
31. Sioux Falls Totem Poles (2-15)
32. Trenton Reznors (4-14)

Free agent Market: SP

So I had a different criteria eliminate non-starters
Stamina better than 50 was the only sort criteria. So who is out there?

Ruben Diaz could be a back end starter. He has never really been given a chance as a starter, but he could probably do it.

Alex Chavez made my sort but really would have a hard time making it out of the 5th. Possible Tandem B

Alan Perry has some juice left in the tank and would make a good number 4

Willie Pizzaro could help a team as well.

Glenn Kirwan could potentially do ok but he is likely to be pounded.

There are others I would add but getting past these guys is really scrabbing the bottom of the barrell. There are multiple guys out there who have been successfull at the major league level.

Free Agent Market: RP

To define an RP I will use two sorts to limit the field.
Durability greater than 50, control greater than 50.

I am not saying you cannot find candidates who would work but don't meet the criteria but the players with Dur under 50 won't be able to pitch often and the ones with control under 50 are going to walk too many people for a relief role and waste too many pitches on balls.

So who is it?
Carlos Espinosa has a stamina too low to be more than a spot guy. His ratings are good, except for that 39 third pitch.

Jimmie Batista has been successful historically and has decent pitches. His availability may be limited but he should be solid.

Garrett Day has had a Bret Saberhagen like career. This should be the good season.

Type A performer Alex Richard will get signed eventually. He is good and still has years in him. At this point he is cheap too.

I almost left off Artie Bush because his stamina of 6 will limit his IP. He looks useable but not reliably.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Free Agent Market: RF

Curtis Hampton made me laugh. Good V.R, awful VL. Decent range. Awful Glove. He would make a good PR.

Miguel Palacios has been unsigned for over a season. His numbers don't seem to match his ratings. I hate players like that. He appears like he could be decent, past history says otherwise.

Derek Farnsworth would be a pretty good platoon v.l but not for what he is asking.

Alvin Reynolds has an awful eye but may be the best available all around RF. He could even be a third string catcher. Age makes him attractive as well.

Free Agent Market: CF

Most CF are left handed 2b and good ones are hard to find so this market reflects that.

Brett Gload is a platoon player v.R but really does not have the glove for CF.

Hugh Campbell was a reliable CF for St. Louis 2 seasons ago. Can't figure out how he went unsigned all season. There are certainly teams that need a player like him.

Charlie Zaun is the best glove available but his bat makes him a difficult play, unless you do not have other options. I would rather use Campbell every day instead.

That's it. No use even looking at the scraps as they are about as pretty as liver and onions.

Free Agent Market: LF

LF are like 1b. They really have little versatility so you have to weigh the advantages of a better than average glove with a slightly lesser bat to a the better hitting LF. Either way, there is very little left of use for LF.

Julio Gutierrez is a type B FA and a platoon player at best.

Derek Sodowsky has better power than Gutierrez and could be a decent ph.

Fernando Zapata is all around average.

Pat Pong is another platoon guy but is really a 1b hiding in the OF.

Vinny Martin, Alex Tavarez, and Alex Tavarez are all similar options, v.L platoon players with little other value.

An interesting option may be Brandon Farley who is better defensively, can be a pr, and hit lefties.

Free Agent Market: SS

Let me start this off with the disclaimer that there is not a player in the SS search I would feel comfortable with defensively at SS. All of them will have bad fielding percentages and make a few - plays so defense will be hit. The best defender of the group, Junior Franco, was signed recently by Trenton. There are also no type A or B's left available.

Reid Tracy might be the best option but his bat is mediocre and so is his glove and range.

Justin Page may be a slight upgrade offensively and defensively over Tracy but probably not much different.

Nicholas Bennett, Del Moya, and Karim Bennett might be the best alternatives outside Tracy and Page.

If you need a SS then I hope it is more for a short term injury fill in and not a season long solution. The trade market might yield better results.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Free Agent Market: 3b

Third base is a tough one to gauge. The search brings up a nice list of available players. I do however question whether they are all really 3b.

The headliner of the group is type A free agent Jeremi Kelly. In some offseasons the guy would command a 9+million per multi-year offer. Here he is playing the Pedro Martinez role.
Wiki Sanchez has never played in the majors and is cheap. Conversely he plays third base like a chump and has a suspect bat.
Jim Nielsen gets good ratings and was good last season. He is old however and can't make the throw.
Lariel Feliz had his best season last season and does a decent job at 3b. He is a type B but also 29.
Ismael Samuel presents an interesting bat but is 35, has a fading glove and his bat will surely follow.
Gary Milton would be a good bat versus lefties but his glove is suspect.

Motley crew for sure, but they are better than the 1b lot and Kelly needs a job.

Free Agent Market: 2b

A few interesting options at 2b

Jesus Gardel is a type A and probably driving people away.
Bobby King is a type A and a poor man's Jesus Gardel, only asking 3x the money.
Brian Woo is another player whose last season was below par for him. He is a type B.
The most interesting option may be Juan Lopez who is dirt cheap, coming off a very down season but appears to have the core skills to be successful.
Doug Mitchell is good for a platoon versus lefties but he is type B.

Second base has a few other options and not surprisingly is the deepest position left.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Free agent Market: 1b

First base is tough, or possibly I am giving away too much of my theory on roster building. There is no 1b left on the market who I would consider a difference maker. I suspect each organization has 3 or 4 players comparable to what is left of the first basemen.

So the notables include: Lonnie Wilkinson Tomas Espinosa and Jimmie Castillo

Mostly aging vets looking for one last shot

Free Agents Catchers left on the market

At this stage of the season teams start to have injuries and one of thew quiclkest and cheapest ways to fill the role is through free agency.

Pedro Gabriel is available. While he can hit fairly well he is a liability behind the plate. His market is limited.

Terry Wilson would be a decent platoon C to face righties and his D is good enough to not hurt. He should have some interest if teams need a C.

Placido Eusebio is worth mentioning because he is has a defensive presence. He can call a game and keep runners honest. Sadly his dedication to defense caused him to skip some BP, and it shows.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Team Captains: Ed "The Streak" Tyson

Ed Tyson is pretty tough. In his 1004 game Major League career he has started the last 1000 games consecutively, without a break.

Streaks are one of those tough things to track, Wis does not have it coded to be a tracked stat so any tracking has to be done by hand and eyeball. Tyson is a case in point, there are no questions he started ever game season 12-17 as he clearly played in every game from each of those seasons. Part of the 1000 game stretch goes back to season 11, when he came up for the last 30 games or so.

So what really does this mean? It puts ripken's streak in perspective. Tyson is not even half there. It certainly helps Detroit as Tyson is a 3 time all star who has hit 198 homers and has a career OPS of .812. He has also earned a Gold Glove for his play in left field.

Does he have times to step of some? I am surprised the 92 health has not caused him to get a 1 day injury along the way. I am curious how long he keeps it going.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Day One Stats Update

So far a few stats of note:
Cecil Watson and Don Tanaka have scored 7 runs in 4 games.
Danys Delgado leads the league with 11 hits in 17 AB for a batting average of .647, he has no walks.
Alfredo Lee has 4 doubles in 13 AB.
Frank Dong has 2 triples and 2 HR, a slugging percentage of 1.200 anda slugging percentage of 1.671
Heath Key has 8 RBI in 4 games.
Don Tanaka has walked 6 times.

Brutus Chambers, Jesus Gonzalez, Bill Darwin, and Antonio Zheng have appeared in all four games.
Mark Lui allowed 6 hits in 5 innings, sadly 5 of the hits were HR.

Alex Amaro has 4 errors in 4 games.

Team stats
Syracuse Snow Belt has allowed only 1 run and is 4-0.
San Juan Wizards has allowed 27 walks in 36 IP.
Trenton Reznors has struck out 37 in 36 IP.
Texas Southfork Ranchers has hit 10 HR.
San Diego Chargers has already stolen 15 bases, and only been caught once.

HOF Class of Season 19: Discussion: Marvin Aurilia

Marvin Aurilia
Age: 40B/T: L/L
Born: Austin, TX
Position(s): 1B/COF/DH
View Hardball Dynasty Profile

Short of Donnie Brown there are few players who have been as Marvin Aurilia

Clicking on his awards tab says it all.
Rookie of the year season 1
11 time Silver Slugger
1 Gold Glove in LF
10 time All-Star
1 time Home Run Derby Champ
7 time MVP, Including a six season run from season 5-10
2 World Series Rings

His 809 Career Home Runs is going to be tough for anyone to catch, he had 9 seasons with 50+ HR. But he was more than just a home run hitter. During season 3 he joined the 40-40 club, and did it a second time during season 8. Over his career he stole 347 bases.

He holds several league records and ranks fairly high in other categories.
Most games played with 2630 (although he will be passed this season by Roger Weston)
Second on the list of career hits with 3063, behind only Roger Weston.
His career OPS 1.061 ranks fourth all time. His season 2 mark of 1.318 is the second best single season performance.
He drew 1340 walks over his career, third best.
Possibly his most impressive and unbreakable record is his 199 triples, best by 37 over the recently inducted Sammy Manzanillo.

His 893 2-Out RBI is most all time buy 88. The closest active player is John Yamaguchi with 739, good for third all-time.
With 2348 career RBI is almost 400 more than the next closest player, Trevor Donovan.
2649.67 career runs created is the most in league history. It translates to 9.95 rc/27 outs. That is third best in league history.
79 Sac flies is the league record.
.509 secondary average is second highest all-time.
His isolated power of .347 is 2nd all time. He also holds the best two single season performances during season 1 and 2.
He scored 2320 runs in his career, most all time by almost 400.
His .877 slugging percentage during season 2 is best all time and incredible.

His career performance is remarkable in both individual performances as well as a compiler. He was an amazing player and a true All-Star, MVP and Hall of Famer

Friday, August 13, 2010

HOF Class of Season 19: Discussion: Willis Little

Willis Little
Age: 42B/T: S/R
Born: Silver City, NM
Position(s): P (ClA)
View Hardball Dynasty Profile

I am confused as to what is preventing Willis Little from getting into the Ruth Hall of Fame. He is second on the all time saves list with 397. More impressively, his career WHIP is 1.17. As a full time closer the most blown saves he had in one season was 6. His career save percentage was .892. The next closest was Kevin Perez at .885. The next player drops to .875. He was the best a doing his job that we have had yet. He was a 5 time fireman of the year, a nine time all star and won a world series.

So what is the argument against him? I suppose it is possible to argue he only pitched 730 innings. His numbers don't really compare to Lee Smith, who is not in the real life Hall of Fame but if there is one statistic that is harder to accumulate in HBD, compared to real life, it is saves.

Over his career I feel Little is the benchamrk of what great closers are compared to. For that reason I say he deserves inlusion in the Ruth League Hall of Fame.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

HOF Class of Season 19: Discussion: Anthony

Anthony Aurilia
Age: 41B/T: S/R
Born: Pleasant Hill, MO
Position(s): 1B/DH
View Hardball Dynasty Profile

Anthony Aurilia

While he may not be the best Aurillia statistically (arguable by some) he is one of the finest players this league has ever seen. Over his career he had a RC/27outs of 11.78.
He was a 2 time MVP and won a world series ring in his first season in the league (year 1).

Just a quick review shows numbers that are comparible if not slightly beter the Sammy Manzanillo. My gut says get him in on the first ballot.