Thursday, September 2, 2010

Weekly Stats Summary

Vasco Abreu is an early Cy Young Favorite.  Although that is based solely on wins.

What would Rick Magadan record be if he was on a good team

Tony Ramirez is having a great saves season.

How did Miguel Maduro get so many saves?

Billy Lockwood and Grover Christensen are on better teams than Magadan but their records do not match their stats either.

Karim Castro is a marvel.

William Burks and Marc Christman make quite a powerful combination.

Lorenzo Maduro laughs at D.T. Lidge's failure as base stealer.

Seriously though, Tomas Mateo needs to stop stealing.

Carlos Mendez had a 26 game hit streak.  41 is the best all time.

Carlos Mota has 13 plus a short stop playing 3b.  Pete Bohanon has 13 in CF.   Vladimir Moreno also has 13 but as a 1b.

Calvin Gomes has 15 - plays at 3b.  He is a rf with a 39 glove so no surprise.

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