Friday, December 17, 2010

Season 19: Mid-Season Awards- NL

1. Marc Christman has 43 HR at the half.  He did not even make the ballot last season.  He would win in a landslide if he makes the ballot.

2. Ned Andrews has 40 HR and 96 RBI is about the extent of the offense in St. Louis.  He chose a good time for a breakout season.

3. Don Tanaka gets on base at an amazing rate and is the best player on the best team in the league.

Worth Watching: Brad Terrell is having his best season as a Cub this season but the team is under performing.  Will he finish the season on the team or provide a spark for another team?

NL Cy Young
1. Grover Christensen may be my favorite pitcher that is not on my team.  He is scary.

2.Greg Hume benefits from his teams overall performance.  His 14 wins make him a favorite to be a candidate at the end of the season, his other stats will help draw him some votes.

3.Danys Henriquez is having another solid season.  The question is whether he can reach 200 ip.

Worth Watching: Marc Sele is turning in a solid season.  His wins and ERA do not show how good he has been.

NL Rookie of the Year
1. Alex Matsumoto, the pride of Kabul, already has wrapped up the award.  His obp of .399 could push him into MVP discussions.

2.Greg Barkley has been impressive so far.  I don't see it continuing the rest of the season.  I smell a slump when the righties come a dealing.

3.Al Cruz has 16 saves in 17 chances, he just won't have the IP to win the award in the end.

Worth Watching: Doug Gabriel has the best stats of any rookie starting pitcher.  In any other park though his ERA would be closer to 6.00 than the 4.31 it sits at now.

Worth watching 2: Douglas McCullough has an era of 10.80 and an WHIP of 2.02.  What can you get for that? 16 saves in 21 chances.

NL Manager of the Year
1.  TheStiffs has Detroit rolling.  After a somewhat disappointing season 18 they have really bounced back strong and look like a favorite to make the series.

2. Mirky- Regardless of how he got all the talent the team is winning at a .720 pace.  That is incredible.

3. Pbrow- Second best record in the NL with a .710 winning percentage and in the same division as Mirky?  nice.  At least there is the wild card.

Worth Watching: vlpratt62 has flirted with .500 all season. After finishing 4th in 15 of the last 18 seasons this team is on the verge of a breakout.

Worth Watching 2:  briancampos:  During each of the last two seasons the Armstrongs have fallen 6 or more games out of first around the transaction deadline only to rally and take the division.  Do they have it in them again?

World Series Odds
Tampa Bay 3:1
Huntington 7:2
Detroit 5:1
New York 10:1
Atlanta 10:1
Chicago 11:1
Colorado 12:1
Anaheim 15:1
St. Louis 25:1
Burlington 35:1
Washington 50:1
Charleston 50:1
Oklahoma City 500:1
LasVegas 998:1
Seattle 999:1
San Juan 1000:1

Season 19: Mid-Season Awards- AL

1. With 8 more home runs Pat Hernandez will match his career high.  74 runs and 76 runs show he is producing.  Add in the defensive impact he has had and he is leading candidate for MVP

2. Kenneth Pierre has been player of the week 2 times this season, but he has also been very streaky.  Solid player overall.

3. Joe Fitzgerald is having a career year at 33.  With 70 runs at the break and A .382 BA he is making a huge impact in Memphis.

Worth Watching: Josias Cortez's number look good on the surface but doubles are up and homers are down.  Look for a home run  surge in the second half.

AL Cy Young

1. Leon Stovall has the wins, he has the whip, he has the strikeouts.  He is a horse.

2. Luis Lee is having a great season and a big reason for Cleveland's success.  Their offense is the biggest reason but combine Lee's pitching with that offense and you get some success.

3. Cameron Carter's win total is unimpressive the rest of his stats look good.  Put him on a winner and he would be stronger candidate.

Worth WatchingGail Latham's stats are impressive, he lacks the IP at this point.  By season's end I expect he will be closer to the top of this list

AL Rookie of the Year
1. Carl Russell is a fringe MVP candidate.  Nice start to a career.

2.  Rule 5 draftee Roger Justice has been reliable, getting on base at a .370 clip.

3.  Al Garces is turning in a solid season on the mound.  His advanced stats show he has been the victim of some bad luck.  Watch for his numbers to improve.

Worth Watching: Ruben Ordonez has a whip of 1.28 and an ERA of 5.02.  I expect one of the two to change..

AL Manager of the Year
1. Mmustain has guided Ottawa to a 55-38 after trading away multiple key major league players in the offseason.  At the moment they sit one game out of first in a tough AL North.

2. toddcommish has San Francisco in second place but sits 12 out.  They have a chance at the wild card after several sub .500 seasons.

3.  An early season managerial change has paid dividends in Montreal.  Hypnotoad has them on a good path after several seasons of under performing.

 World Series odds
Syracuse- 7:2
Vancouver- 5:1
Memphis- 7:1
New York- 9:1
Cleveland- 11:1
Ottawa- 15:1
Philadelphia- 17:1
Charlotte- 18:1
 Montreal- 60:1
Florida- 80:1
San Diego-120:1

Louisville- 200:1

Indianapolis- 500:1