Sunday, August 15, 2010

Team Captains: Ed "The Streak" Tyson

Ed Tyson is pretty tough. In his 1004 game Major League career he has started the last 1000 games consecutively, without a break.

Streaks are one of those tough things to track, Wis does not have it coded to be a tracked stat so any tracking has to be done by hand and eyeball. Tyson is a case in point, there are no questions he started ever game season 12-17 as he clearly played in every game from each of those seasons. Part of the 1000 game stretch goes back to season 11, when he came up for the last 30 games or so.

So what really does this mean? It puts ripken's streak in perspective. Tyson is not even half there. It certainly helps Detroit as Tyson is a 3 time all star who has hit 198 homers and has a career OPS of .812. He has also earned a Gold Glove for his play in left field.

Does he have times to step of some? I am surprised the 92 health has not caused him to get a 1 day injury along the way. I am curious how long he keeps it going.

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