Monday, September 27, 2010

NL MVP Candidate: Don Tanaka

Don Tanaka is the best player on the best team in the NL.

The argument against him winning the award is the "Yankee" argument.  His team would win without him.    Despite that, his numbers are the best across the board. 

He already has won the Home Run Derby this year lets cap it off with the MVP.

Worth noting in the trivia department, Tanaka has won the MVP at HiA, AA and AAA already.  Maybe if he wins it at the majors he can be demoted to LoA next season and RL the season after to complete the level MVP trophy case.

NL MVP Candidate: Bobby Valentin

Bobby Valentin has been the straw that stirred the Busch this season.   he is on a pace to set a career high in HR, BA, OBP, and OPS.  He has been the disrupter that keeps the team moving.

Going back to the last entry though.  How does a 2nd/third place team that is 2.5 out of the second wild card slot and 1.5 out of the division warrant two all star candidates?  It doesn't.  Both players get on base but neither has the counting stats of the other players on the ballot.

NL MVP Candidate: Frank Dong

I hate to bash my own team but how do the Armstrongs have two MVP Candidates?

The first of the two is Frank Dong.  Dong has hardly been his own team's MVP much less tthe league MVP.  He is a great player, and versatile too filling in at 3b every now and then, but when he has been out of the lineup his absence has not been a guaranteed loss.

A 1.004 OPS has something to do with his inclusion on the list.  That OPS is more impressive considering Busch Stadium is not a hitters paradise.  Put him in Wrigley and see how many homers he hits.

Good Season Frank, lets talk contract after the rollover.

NL MVP Candidate: William Burks

William Burks is having a monster season.  Despite his numbers the Charge remain 13.5 games behind Tampa for the division and 6.5 behind the second wild card slot.  Based on the current bias against players on non-playoff teams I do not see this ending well for Burks.

48 homers, 110 Runs, 101  RBI

Solid Season Burks

NL MVP Candidate: Brad Terrell

Brad Terrell is the best offensive player on a very good team.  As I look at him I am left to wonder, "How good would this guy be if he could draw a walk."  His stats as a whole a great but of the 5 candidates he is the only one with an OBP under .400.

  With 37 homers already his numbers are certain to surpass last season's numbers but they won't reach the numbers he accumulated in San Juan.

Terrell is a great player who plays a very difficult position.  He is the best player on the second best team in the NL and as such he deserves this nomination.  In the end I do not see myself voting for him.

**editBurks has an OBP below .400 as well at .351

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Draft Analysis: Shannon Clark

Shannon Clark is going to be a beast.  If he played any other position (excluding 1b) he would have been a # 1 or 2 pick.  Neill, despite his groin injury was the right pick at one but Clark is the hands down #2.  His projections make him a potential hall of fame type player provided he develops.

The risk with Clark is he is 22 and has a huge way to go to make his projections and it may not be possilbe.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Rookie of the Year Discussion AL Offense

Only 10 AL rookies have over 300 AB and of them only 4 have have an ops above .700.

Hideki Yamamoto has my vote already.  He leads AL rookies in HR, R, and RBI.

Worth mentioning is Al Nixon who has under 300 AB and 55 fewer than Yamamoto.  He only has 2 fewer HR and an OPS over .900.  By season's end it may be worth discussing.

Now that I have done the offense I have reconsidered what I said about the pitchers.  I expect 2 of them to be nominated.

Rookie of the Year Discussion AL Pitching

Victor Fernandez may be the most qualified AL Rookie pitcher.
Arlie Clark has become a great middle reliever.
Louie Brand has an AL leading 10 wins for a rookie, but his other stats are as impressive as Matt Elliot.

Nothing else to really talk about here.  I suspect none will be nominated for the ROY award and if they are they won't win.

Rookie of the Year Discussion NL pitching

On the pitching side

Matthew Elliott leads the league in IP but his other numbers are less impressive and his inclusion in a pitching experiment has hurt his win total.
Paxton Gaetti leads NL rookies in wins and his other numbers are also really good but his win total is helped for the same reasons Elliot's is hurt.
Ron Moore has been solid out of the pen.
Larry Dye has decent numbers but not enough of them.

Rookie of the Year Discussion NL offense

Despite the media's  infatuation with Russell Tracy there seems to be a pretty good race coming together for ROY in the NL.
Tracy is second in the NL in Home runs and plays a tough defensive position.
Felipe Reynoso plays the less challenging 1b but leads NL rookies in HR, RBI, and BB while coming in second in OPS and Runs.

D.T. Lidge is first in runs.
Hector Dotel is first in OPS but has about 100 less ab.  If he was out there more often he would lead several categories.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Paul York Uses emory boards

How else would you explain the success of Paul York other than cheating.  I suspect he was coached by Joe Neikro in high school.

With that commentary out of the way I do want to also mention Schedule1 has a history of getting more than most out of his pitching.  Is it the ballpark?   Is it the usage?  Is it the catching?

Whatever the reason, I am jealous.

Monday, September 20, 2010

#2 pick Bennie Thomas

Bennie Thomas was the second player picked in this seasons amateur draft.  He has a future as a major leaguer but he will likely not match up well against his peers from this draft.  He will pitch alot but likely projects as a #4.

I am eager to see how he compares to Bill Goodwin the #5 pick in the long run.  Goodwin will not pitch as many innings but they will be stronger innings.

What does Health really mean? The Alex Neill story

#1 draft pick from this season Alex Neill had a 92 health rating when he was drafted.  Now it is 88.  Massive groin injury has sidelined him for the remainder of the season.

On the down side, his season is over and he will miss any remaining opportunities for improvement.

On the plus side it was a groin injury and did not touch his pitching attributes.

Rough draw for the first pick in the draft 3 games into his career.

Monday, September 13, 2010

International signing: Miguel Belliard

Miguel Belliard was another useful signing.  HE compares favorably with other relievers who cost similar amounts on the INT market.  He will pitch more frequently than the other guys as well.  Good signing.

International signing: Willie Barrios

Willie Barrios cost 8.2 million to sign as an international FA.  While he will never dominate at the ML level he will be a solid contributor.  If he was a draft prospect he would likely have been picked in the late first round to early second round.  Not a bad investment at this stage of the season.  Especially if you have the cash left.  Granted a half a season remains but you never know if any more useful players will appear.  Good signing.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

NFL Predictions

AFC East- Dolphins
AFC South- Indianapolis
AFC North- Baltimore
AFC West- San Diego
AFC Wild Card I- Jets
AFC Wild Card II- Texans

NFC East- Giants
NFC South- New Orleans
NFC North- Green Bay
NFC West- Seattle
NFC Wild Card I- Redskins
NFC Wild Card II- Atlanta

AFC Championship Game: Texans over the Jets
NFC Championship Game: Atlanta over Giants
Superbowl: Atlanta over Texans

Friday, September 10, 2010

Breackout Candidate: Hector Dotel

Hector Dotel will not be able to play every game but when he plays he is going to play a pivotal role.  So far in his rookie season he leads all other ML rookies with a 1.024 OPS.  The next closest player, Felipe Reynoso comes in at .970. 

While Dotel's glove is not as good as Ivan Rodriguez, it is more in line with Mike Piazza, his bat makes up for any PC shortcomings.  Lefties try and avoid him, while righties are not to fond of him either.  Keep on raking Hector.

Breakout Candidate: Paxton Gaetti

Paxton Gaetti does not fit the profile as a true starter or reliever but he does meet the criteria to be a dominating performer.

As a rookie so far this season he has posted an 8-1 record as a B pitcher in a tandem matchup.  Averaging about 3 innings an appearance he has made the most of his time in the majors.  Sincer allowing 8 runs in 6.1 IP in his first 5 appearances Gaetti has been dominating allowing only 5 er in the next 43 IP.  For the season he has a 1.03 whip and an OAV of .201.

While he does not fit perfectly in many roles, one role he does fit is the true description of a Rookie of the year.

Team Captains: Bobby Valentin

Bobby Valentin has been to the World Series in St. Louis two times and won it once.  It is something he would like to change.  As one of the longest standing members of the team he is the clubhouse leader and field general.  His place atop th lineup has been secure since the day he arrived in St. Louis 8 seasons ago, after his rookie season in Detroit.  In 8 seasons he has 1569 hits, good for 4th all time in Armstrong history behind only Marvin Aurilia, Frank Dong and Rogers Weston.  All three of whom will be hall of famers one day.

With 1223 hits to go until he reaches 3000 he has an outside chance at this milestone.  Valentin's power has always been middle of the road so he should still have 5 seasons of prime production before he fades to a bench utility player. 

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Good Video

Stats Summary: Pitching

How have Mark Lui and Kevin Lane not won more games?

Vasco Abreu needs to have a talk with them. 12-1 !!

Grover Christensen is a beast.  He is going to make a ton of $ if he ever reaches FA.

Stats Summary: offense

Don Tanaka and Yamil Veras are men among boys.

William Burks and Marc Christman remain 1 and 2 in homeruns.  Burks is available by trade.

Lorenzo Maduro still uncatchable with 35 steals.

Stats Sumamry: Defense

Carlos Mota continues to lead the league in plus plays.  A SS at 3b.  Very impressive.  His hitting is been pretty good to.  Likely to be a career line there however.

Tied for the league lead of 18 plus plays is Vladimir Moreno he is a converted 3b.  His bat has also been a huge plus.

Calvin Gomes leads the majors in minus plays.  He should not be playing anything but 1b and his bat is not supporting his play.

Joaquin Baez is making a run at him with 15.  He is a lefty playing an infield position other than 1b.

Pedro Manto and Josh Williams are tied for the majors lead in errors.  Manot has been much better in the field however.  It is also worth noting Calvin Gomes shows up here again with 23, cementing his status as worst fielder in baseball.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Football Pickem

Made my football picks for the week.
Straight picks no spread.  Home teams bolded.
I added a little commentary on some of the games.

New Orleans over Minnesota- Favre kind of hurt, going with the home team.
Miami over Buffalo
Detroit over Chicago- I am not convinced Chicago will be able to run this offense.

Tennesse over Oakland
New England over Cincinnati
Carolina over Giants- Carolina closed old Giant Stadium with a big win for Carolina and seemed to know how to beat the Giants D. Now they open the new Giant's stadium.
Atlanta over Pittsburgh
Cleveland over Tampa
Jacksonville over Denver- Denver is a mess
Indianapolis over Houston
 Seattle over San Francisco- going with the home team
Green Bay over Philadelphia
St. Louis over Arizona- Arizona's offense does not look capable of doing anything.
Washington over Dallas- Wife is a Skins fan.
Jets over Baltimore- I am a Jets fan
San Diego over KC- I am tempted to take KC.  I think they will be good but until they show it, SD all the way.

Futures Team

I can't leave out the futures team.
I would like to however because this info is fairly meaningless.
I am curious what % of future team players ever make the majors.
It is a mix of guys too old to be prospects and players who are playing against fatigued opponents

Preliminary All Star

The preliminary All-Star Selections are up.

At a glance I notice a few things.

Colorado has 6 players including 2 pitchers!
7 fighting hamsters
5 speakeasies

A bunch of originals and snow belts. 
The one thing that struck me is how few players I actually recognized. 

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

DL Summary 9/7/10

Since the last DL summary there have been a few big injuries.  I do not have them all listed below but I wanted to focus on on.

Curt Baker

Curt was having a cy young quality year up to this point. 6-0 1.03 era and now he is gone until the offseason.  My condolances Vancouver.

The loss of Lou Scott was big as well but he returns in 5 games.

I also think the the loss of Ryan Edwards is difficult but I covered him last time.  He returns in 46 games.

No Hitter

Matty Mendoza threw a no hitter today.

It is worth noting for a couple reasons.   First because his season thus far has been abysmal.  Second, his ratings do not look like a no hitter was on his agenda of things to do.  Third, his agent is calling it a perfect game despite two errors by fielder behind him.

Congrats Matty on the "Perfect" pitching performance and the no hitter.

Monday, September 6, 2010

International report: Who do you spend your 13 million on?

Do you want to spend 13.4 mill and get Vic Coronado, a potential major league starter (a reliable #3/4)


Felipe Cruz for 12 mill flat.  Cruz is a shut down closer who may be limited to less than an inning per appearance depending how he develops.

Seems like a decent INT season so far.  Wish I had my money there this season.

International report:Sioux Falls

Sioux signed Carlos Cordero today for 2 million.  While the guy will never be an all star he has potential to be a pretty decent defender for several seasons.  I like it.

I also like the signing of Albert Blasco.  Not the same caliber as Vic Coronado, who is a reliable major league starter in the making, but good for a reliever.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

International report: Better than most draft prospects

Felipe Cruz signed today for 12 million.

He is ready for the majors today and better than most of the guys drafted a few days ago.  12 million is a bargain for this guy on the international market.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Steal of the Draft?

Was Peaches Knight the steal of the draft?
The guy looks like he could be a legit shutdown closer if he develops.

What are your thoughts?

A full draft recap will be completed in a week.  Give some guys a chance to sign.

Friday, September 3, 2010


The evening before the draft....
Why are you even reading this tonight, get busy ranking

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Weekly Stats Summary

Vasco Abreu is an early Cy Young Favorite.  Although that is based solely on wins.

What would Rick Magadan record be if he was on a good team

Tony Ramirez is having a great saves season.

How did Miguel Maduro get so many saves?

Billy Lockwood and Grover Christensen are on better teams than Magadan but their records do not match their stats either.

Karim Castro is a marvel.

William Burks and Marc Christman make quite a powerful combination.

Lorenzo Maduro laughs at D.T. Lidge's failure as base stealer.

Seriously though, Tomas Mateo needs to stop stealing.

Carlos Mendez had a 26 game hit streak.  41 is the best all time.

Carlos Mota has 13 plus a short stop playing 3b.  Pete Bohanon has 13 in CF.   Vladimir Moreno also has 13 but as a 1b.

Calvin Gomes has 15 - plays at 3b.  He is a rf with a 39 glove so no surprise.

Breakout Candidate:Jumbo Cox

Here is a place for Lesliechow to collect some of the better Jumbo Cox jokes.

As a player I find it shocking he is in the majors.  More shocking however is he has had some success.

Today it was said " Huge day for Jumbo Cox! Giving Yamil Veras a blow, he stepped up and really stuck it to the opposition"

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Team Captains: Yo Bo

Bo Thomas storms the field daily with the vigors of Duke but his play is more like Destro, a weapons dealer.  A five tool athlete, Thomas is carrying Washington to new heights this season, sort of.

While Washington currently in last place the team has experienced some stretches of extended success.  The current 4 game losing streak has dropped them below .500 for the first time all season.

Worth mentioning however is that Thomas is not the best player on the team.  Like most team leaders he is the clubhouse presence that steadies other players.  When reporters need to talk, they go to Thomas.