Saturday, August 14, 2010

Day One Stats Update

So far a few stats of note:
Cecil Watson and Don Tanaka have scored 7 runs in 4 games.
Danys Delgado leads the league with 11 hits in 17 AB for a batting average of .647, he has no walks.
Alfredo Lee has 4 doubles in 13 AB.
Frank Dong has 2 triples and 2 HR, a slugging percentage of 1.200 anda slugging percentage of 1.671
Heath Key has 8 RBI in 4 games.
Don Tanaka has walked 6 times.

Brutus Chambers, Jesus Gonzalez, Bill Darwin, and Antonio Zheng have appeared in all four games.
Mark Lui allowed 6 hits in 5 innings, sadly 5 of the hits were HR.

Alex Amaro has 4 errors in 4 games.

Team stats
Syracuse Snow Belt has allowed only 1 run and is 4-0.
San Juan Wizards has allowed 27 walks in 36 IP.
Trenton Reznors has struck out 37 in 36 IP.
Texas Southfork Ranchers has hit 10 HR.
San Diego Chargers has already stolen 15 bases, and only been caught once.

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