Thursday, September 9, 2010

Stats Sumamry: Defense

Carlos Mota continues to lead the league in plus plays.  A SS at 3b.  Very impressive.  His hitting is been pretty good to.  Likely to be a career line there however.

Tied for the league lead of 18 plus plays is Vladimir Moreno he is a converted 3b.  His bat has also been a huge plus.

Calvin Gomes leads the majors in minus plays.  He should not be playing anything but 1b and his bat is not supporting his play.

Joaquin Baez is making a run at him with 15.  He is a lefty playing an infield position other than 1b.

Pedro Manto and Josh Williams are tied for the majors lead in errors.  Manot has been much better in the field however.  It is also worth noting Calvin Gomes shows up here again with 23, cementing his status as worst fielder in baseball.

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