Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Season 1 Draft Review

In looking over ideas for blog entries I decided to do a few entries about previous drafts.

The Season one draft is interesting because it was the second ever public draft and the first happened one day prior to ours in Aaron World. The results are interesting and clearly show how little we knew about what we were doing.

The first overall pick in the draft belong controversially to the St. Louis Armstrongs who picked Esteban Franco, nothing wrong with that pick. Syracuse then used the #2 pick to select Sammy Bonilla, not the best player available but still a respectable pro.
#3 David Reed petered out early
#4 never signed
#5 Dustin Rizzo might be the second best player taken.
#6 never signed
#7 was Alan Ward
8,10,14,15 never signed
The steal of the draft came at 26 where future hall of famer Trevor Donovan was picked.

Another great pick was Calvin Holmes at 70, while never great he was a solid pro for many years and you can't beat that with the 70th pick overall.

Short of Donovan though there do not appear to be any Hall of Fame players in the group.

Sunday, June 27, 2010


Only one word is needed to describe our second HOF play, Legendary,
Donnie Brown
Age: 43B/T: R/R
Born: Cumberland, RI
Position(s): P (SP4)
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Some have arguesd he is the greatest Greatest Pitcher of all time across any world.
355 wins
Career whip of 1.02
3533 K's
His season 8 is HBD's version of Gibson's 68.
A lot of people argue that Donnie was a main benefactor of the steroid age of HBD.
The counter argument is that he was actually underutilized on purpose and actually probably would have over 400 wins. Factor in his career began at26 he potential could have been pushing 500 wins.

I always loved facing off against DB, my guys ofter rose to the occasion, I admire what he meant to the league and would love to see this league renamed Donnie Brown, upon DB's passing, He is only 43 now so that could be 60 seasons if he was a dedicated to work out as he often claimed or it could be about 5 seasons when he has a major heart attack. Time will tell.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Hall of Fame

So far the Ruth Hall of Fame is all about the pitcher.

Season 16 saw the leagues first inductee, Ted Walsh.Ted was a 7 Time All Star, 1 Time Cy Young, 1 Time Silver Slugger. He had a career ERA of 3.47 which helped him win 231 games while losing only 110, for a .677 winning percentage. He pitched 3105.2 innings over 509 games, striking out 2485 batters, walking only 941 batters. In his final season in the majors at age 42 he added to his legend by picking up 5 saves, displaying his versatility.

Ted's best statistical season was season 8 in which he won 27 games and had a 1.03 whip. When asked about his best season during an interview at his retirement he responded, "Season 8? Are you kidding that was good but for me it will always be about season 4. We won the series that year, and the memories..We are still close."

When contacted for his thoughts on Walsh, Season 4 MVPBenito Romero said, "Walshie's just being Walshie. He was never about individual accolades. For him its always been about team. From my viewpoint however, the numbers he put up in Coors are sick."

Russ Maurer, who joined the team mid season in season 4 summed it up, "Ted was more than just the leader of the rotation, he was the leader of the team and the proxy pitching coach. He elevated all of us and I became a better pitcher just watching him prepare."

Walsh's career after baseball however is where this goes from a warm fuzzy piece to a tragedy. Walsh's current whereabouts are unknown. After a confrontation with a fan at a memorabilia show Ted retired to the Yukon. Calls go unanswered and photos are about as rare as that of bigfoot. Where have you gone Ted Walsh, Honolulu turns its lonely eyes to you.


World Series Champs and Hr. Leaders are updated.
I will begin to make a few posts and ask for ideas.
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Time to reset the blog. Over the coming weeks I will begin to tweak this blog a little. I have cut down on some of my commitments and feel like I can focus solely on Ruth world for HBD.

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