Sunday, August 29, 2010

Breakout Candidate:Ned Andrews

It is hard to call someone a breakout candidate when they have been in the majors for several seasons and have hit arbitration.  But I am doing that for my own player today in href="" target="_blank">Ned Andrews.

Even though he posted an OPS over .900 each of the past two seasons it has felt like he has underachieved. Looking over his awards page my feeling is confirmed.  No all-star appearances.  He has been streaky and barely cracked 100 RBI playing for a team that has had some serious on base threats at the top of the lineup.

So far this season he has been putting it all together.  The thing he has been unable to do since arriving in the majors is walk with any consistency.  so far this season he has done so.  With an OBP over .400 and an OPs of 1.011 he is making a case for inclusion in the MVP discussion and making his first major league all star team. 

After 46 games he is at 51 RBI and 36 runs.  Most importantly, he has been consistent.

If things keep going the way they are Andrews will be recognized for what he has done and not what he could do.

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