Thursday, August 19, 2010

Free agent Market: SP

So I had a different criteria eliminate non-starters
Stamina better than 50 was the only sort criteria. So who is out there?

Ruben Diaz could be a back end starter. He has never really been given a chance as a starter, but he could probably do it.

Alex Chavez made my sort but really would have a hard time making it out of the 5th. Possible Tandem B

Alan Perry has some juice left in the tank and would make a good number 4

Willie Pizzaro could help a team as well.

Glenn Kirwan could potentially do ok but he is likely to be pounded.

There are others I would add but getting past these guys is really scrabbing the bottom of the barrell. There are multiple guys out there who have been successfull at the major league level.

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