Saturday, August 21, 2010

Team Captains: Brandon "90210" Walsh

Brandon Walsh has never been to Beverly Hills but it is all people ask him about.  How's Brenda?  Have you seen Dylan recently?

Huntington is worlds away from  Beverly Hills and Brandon is king of the locker room. After making his first All-Star game appearance last season he has started off strong again this season with a 1.044 ops and 7 home runs through 23 games.  The players on the Deer Hunters have come to rely on his presence on the field and the role he plays in the locker room.

"He keeps us loose" says Carl Black with a sly grin.  "Ask him about his karaoke," was all Black would say when pressed.

"I have never seen such a passionate Bon Jovi fan," Todd Adcock says. "Part of the pregame warm up is a performance of 'Wanted Dead or Alive' he totally rocks it out.

Hitting Coach Troy Hudson just shakes his head.  "He has really stepped up his game this season though.  While the singing is a little odd, it keeps the other guys loose and if he can do that and hit the way he is hitting....let him be.  He is putting in the time he needs and he takes direction well."

Bench Coach Jimmy Campbell grinned when asked about him, "You mean MVP?  B-Wall is going to have a great year.  He is out leader.  His approach at the plate is great and the young guys look up to him and see the amount of time he puts in.  He has been rock solid and carrying the team so far."

Walsh may not make his way to Beverly Hills for his Bon Jovi impression but if he keeps up his hitting he will be Living on a Prayer in October.

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