Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Free Agent Market: 3b

Third base is a tough one to gauge. The search brings up a nice list of available players. I do however question whether they are all really 3b.

The headliner of the group is type A free agent Jeremi Kelly. In some offseasons the guy would command a 9+million per multi-year offer. Here he is playing the Pedro Martinez role.
Wiki Sanchez has never played in the majors and is cheap. Conversely he plays third base like a chump and has a suspect bat.
Jim Nielsen gets good ratings and was good last season. He is old however and can't make the throw.
Lariel Feliz had his best season last season and does a decent job at 3b. He is a type B but also 29.
Ismael Samuel presents an interesting bat but is 35, has a fading glove and his bat will surely follow.
Gary Milton would be a good bat versus lefties but his glove is suspect.

Motley crew for sure, but they are better than the 1b lot and Kelly needs a job.

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