Sunday, August 22, 2010

DL Summary 8/22/10

The following players are on the Major League DL

Vernon Phelps has been Charlotte's starting C.  He has been very good so far and his bat will be missed.

Charley Hunter was a rookie last year and spent half the season in the bigs.  He is developing and has had a rough start to the year.  He will miss about 4 starts.

Yorrick Farrell has been a solid contributor the past few seasons and has been his same consistent self until the injury.

Vic Duran will come off the DL tomorrow after missing 9 games or so.  He is a potential all star and his bat is needed.

Utility infielder Larry Nelson

CF Lance Shumaker has had a breakout start to the season.  Wrong time to get hurt for him.

Nolan Helton has been a major contributor but his stats look better than his ratings.  He has been having a Big Papi-like start to the season.

Rule V draftee Bob Buck has been shelled so far this season.  My guess is he never comes off the DL until the season is over.

Toby Coggin, see Bob Buck

utility infielder Sun Wanatabe is considering filing a grievance.

Same with Jarrod Charlton

Torn groin will keep Jamie Harper out 15 more games after already missing 30.

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