Friday, August 27, 2010

DL Summary 8/27/10

Since my last DL post there have been a few guys who were removed from the DL and only 8 remain from the last time.  Of those 9 only 4 are currently eligible to ccome off the DL.

So who is new?

Victor Carreras got hurt, put on the DL, and is ready to come back to play the utility role.

Albert Diaz's injury is similar to Edwards in that it is a leg injury and did not touch the players area of strength.  He tore his hamstring.  Before the injury he had a 0 baserunning skill.  His speed dropped 5 rating points.

Brandon Smith is a nice back up and should be back soon.

Raul Javier utility infielder.

P Hal Rizzuto got hurt in his second major league start.  Minimal impact, back soon.

PSonny Coffman 8 starts in and got hurt.  No impact on long term but he probably could use an extra season of development in the minors.

Ryan Edwards see individual entry

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