Thursday, August 26, 2010

Team Captains:

Pedro Rios's role on the team has changed a lot over the years.

No longer asked to carry the team he is still around more for leadership than his on field least that is how it should be for a 39 year old fading star.

Rios is an amazing story of talent, greed, and redemption.

Reading his transaction log is interesting, he has it all.  Traded, accept option, decline option, left as free agent, placed on the waiver wire, added to 40 man roster.

He broke into the majors long ago, during season 1.  After only 9 minor league starts as a 21 year old he was in the majors.

He has 198 wins spending time playing with 7 different home parks (Burlington has been his home on two separate occasions).

He has had success and failure. Winning as many as 17 games in a season but also losing as many as 16 in a season.

Now, after the long journey he is winding it down in Burlington, mentoring a young staff.
Although wanderlust could kick back in again.  He is a free agent at seasons end.  He won't rule out anything.  He never has.

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