Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Football Pickem

Made my football picks for the week.
Straight picks no spread.  Home teams bolded.
I added a little commentary on some of the games.

New Orleans over Minnesota- Favre kind of hurt, going with the home team.
Miami over Buffalo
Detroit over Chicago- I am not convinced Chicago will be able to run this offense.

Tennesse over Oakland
New England over Cincinnati
Carolina over Giants- Carolina closed old Giant Stadium with a big win for Carolina and seemed to know how to beat the Giants D. Now they open the new Giant's stadium.
Atlanta over Pittsburgh
Cleveland over Tampa
Jacksonville over Denver- Denver is a mess
Indianapolis over Houston
 Seattle over San Francisco- going with the home team
Green Bay over Philadelphia
St. Louis over Arizona- Arizona's offense does not look capable of doing anything.
Washington over Dallas- Wife is a Skins fan.
Jets over Baltimore- I am a Jets fan
San Diego over KC- I am tempted to take KC.  I think they will be good but until they show it, SD all the way.

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