Wednesday, August 25, 2010

International Signing Profile: Felipe Manuel

Felipe Manuel signed with the Syracuse Snowbelt.

So there a few questions I will put forward and address with him

 What is his potential?
I won't give away my projections but I will give my opinion.  For some teams he could be a potential #1.  For Syracuse, who seems to find aces everywhere, he will be a #4 at worst and a #2 at best.  His numbers look good overall and he will be able to pitch a ton of innings.  Garunteed major league pitcher, regardless of who got him.

Is he worth the 21.5 Million?
I have given up asking if players are worth over $20million.  I personally could never spend that much on an INT so I stay out of it all together.  Because we are all dealing with the same budgets the best INTS will always be worth $20+mill.  It is asset allocation and the cash asset was used here.

OK, rephrase that, will be be one of the top INTs?
Better question.  The INT market seems more volatile than the draft to me.  If we have a crappy INT season Manuel could potentially be the best one and his price was kept down by uncertainty.

If he were a draft prospect where would he be projected.?
I would say he would be a first round guy but mid to late.  In a good draft his projections would have him falling, possibly to Syracuse territory.  In a weak draft he would go mid first round.

Having typed that and processed it I would give the move a positive review.  The money invested in the INT market often comes at the expense of the draft.  In this situation the prospect secured is better than any prospect syracuse likely would have had the chance to get.  Well played.

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