Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Weekly power meter

Every week on Friday AM I will start sending out a list of all 32 team.
Please take a moment, review it, edit the previous list's week as needed and send it back to me. I will run it for the remainder of the season and then collect feedback on its time commitment and sustainability.

Monday, July 5, 2010

AL Playoff Race

AL North and the wild card picture...
For Divisional Champs there is nothing to discuss. Syracuse will win the division for the 17th time in the leagues 17 year history. I read sometime ago that the 17th wedding anniversary it is customary for couples to exchange furniture. Time to redo the home-team locker room and team offices?

Ottawa leads Cleveland in the battle for second place by a game and a half. This same lead exists in the first and second wild card slots where Ottawa has a game and a half lead over Cleveland and Memphis, who is currently being run by the sim manager for an owner who checks in everday. No other teams factor in the wild card equation.

AL East
Indianapolis currently has a 6.5 game lead over Philadelphia. I would like to write off Philly ccompletely but if a team gets hot it is apparently fairly easy to make up substantial ground.
Both of these teams have had their fair share of transiency hopefull this success will inspire them to stick around a little longer. I would say the 75% confidence in Indy taking the division.

AL South
Louisville and Memphis. Louisville is currently in first with a 2 game lead. Not much room for error. Memphis is being run my a sim manager yet the owner checks in daily. Does ne not know where the auto-manager is?

AL West
San Diego controls a 1 game lead over Vancouver. Of note, San Diego is slightly under performing their expected winning percentage and Vancouver is slightly over performing according to the expected willing percentage.

Making a prediction
Syracuse, Vancouver, Memphis and Indy take the divisions, Louisville supplants Memphis as the wild card entrant,
Ottawa is the final wild-card team.
Syracuse and Memphis get the byes.
Wild card Ottawa plays Vancouver
Wildcard Louisville plays Indianapolis
Ottawa wins to face Memphis
Indianapolis wins to face Syracuse
Ottawa Memphis will be interesting but lit looks like Ottawa has the better team.
Syracuse could set some records against Indy.

Syracuse v. Ottawa to see who plays the series. Schedule 1 has already agreed to lay do for mmustain so the press oughta love it.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

NL Playoff Race

NL North
Chicago has an 8 game lead over Detroit. It is pretty much over but Detroit is the second wild card team at the moment and has a 10 game lead there.

NL East
Atlanta has a 4 game lead over New York and 5 over St. Louis. While the divisional games to close out the season may lead to a change, Atlanta is in a solid position here. Washington is also hanging around, only 7 games out.

NL South
This is an interesting division as Huntington and Tampa Bay are going back and forth. At the moment Tampa is in first by 2. Huntington does have a few interesting story lines however, Will they reverse their record from last season? It will be close. Secondly, Why was AI put in charge yesterday? Is Pbrow gone for the weekend or is this the end? My guess is he is taking a long weekend but it is an odd choice regardless. A long weekend should not kill the pitching staff, ai might. Whichever team misses here will be a wild card.

NL West
Its over already. Oakland has a 10 game lead.

So the only real race left is the NL East. Historically there is precedent for some wild endings here so it is tough to say with any certainty that a 4 game lead is enough at this point. Realistically, any of these 4 teams are a hot streak away from winning the division. The key may be expanded rosters. So who will be called up for the pennant run?