Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Free Agent Market: LF

LF are like 1b. They really have little versatility so you have to weigh the advantages of a better than average glove with a slightly lesser bat to a the better hitting LF. Either way, there is very little left of use for LF.

Julio Gutierrez is a type B FA and a platoon player at best.

Derek Sodowsky has better power than Gutierrez and could be a decent ph.

Fernando Zapata is all around average.

Pat Pong is another platoon guy but is really a 1b hiding in the OF.

Vinny Martin, Alex Tavarez, and Alex Tavarez are all similar options, v.L platoon players with little other value.

An interesting option may be Brandon Farley who is better defensively, can be a pr, and hit lefties.

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