Sunday, August 22, 2010

Weekly Stats Summary

Frank Gentry currently leads the majors with 5 wins.  He also has 3 saves.  Last season he had 5.  He has been lights out so far this season and on a pace to put up career numbers.

Benji Hunt's 0.76 whip leads the league and far and away much better than his career avverage of 1.48.  He also leads the league in ERA and OAV.

Miguel Maduro's 12 saves in 15 chances is pretty impressive.  His 1.66 whip is not.

Dean Medina has given up 12 home runs.  He has a 2.20 Whip and a 10.44 ERA.  His OAV is .421.  His ratings say he should be better.  For arizona's sake I hope he starts producing.  His $5.6 Mill salary should buy more.

William Burks 11 HR are tied for the league lead.  His numbers should be impressive at season's end.

Horacio Lee also has 11 home runs.  His intense stare frightens me.

Three players are tied for the league lead with 28 RBI.  Most surprising of the three is Jolbert Marrero whose peripheral numbers are much lower than the other two players.  He is only batting .253 compared to the other two who have averages of .344 and .400.

Don Tanaka and Lou DiFelice are 1 and 2 in runs scored and play a big role in MArrero's RBI success.

Earle Shelley may want to try to steal less. 

Bo Thomas has been a beast so far this year and doing a lot to legitimize Washington as a contender in the NL East.

William Burks is streaking.

Vladimir Moreno has 9+ plays at 1b.  He is really a good RF so this is no surprise.  What will be a surprise is when he shows up as an MVP candidate. Good but not MVP caliber.

Pedro Manto leads the league with 10 errors.  His numbers are slightly below average for a SS and could be much worse.  I would not be surprised however to see Pascual Franco pass him on the list.  He is playing 3b but with an outfielders glove.

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