Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Free Agent Market: SS

Let me start this off with the disclaimer that there is not a player in the SS search I would feel comfortable with defensively at SS. All of them will have bad fielding percentages and make a few - plays so defense will be hit. The best defender of the group, Junior Franco, was signed recently by Trenton. There are also no type A or B's left available.

Reid Tracy might be the best option but his bat is mediocre and so is his glove and range.

Justin Page may be a slight upgrade offensively and defensively over Tracy but probably not much different.

Nicholas Bennett, Del Moya, and Karim Bennett might be the best alternatives outside Tracy and Page.

If you need a SS then I hope it is more for a short term injury fill in and not a season long solution. The trade market might yield better results.

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