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Hall of Fame Results: Season 19

27 Users in the world voted.  To get into the hall you need to get 17 votes.

Below are the results: (Votes received)

Marvin Aurilia (26)- No brainer.  First in career homers and second in hits.  He is also first in triples, runs and runs batted in.

Anthony Aurilia (23)- Career leader in on base percentage.  He has the third highest career batting average and the first two have a lot less AB and played in Coors for a bulk of their careers.  Aurilia's numbers are hurt by his durability that limited him to about 140 games a season.

Failed to gain entry:
Hawk Walker (14)- Hawk's whole candidacy is tied to being a HBD contributor.  He was the first big money free agent.  The owner who won the bid even had a Hawk Walker Jersey made (allegedly for his cats).  PAst that Walker's numbers are good.  131 wins to 48 losses for a pretty good winning percentage.  He won 2 Cy Young awards and was named to the all-star team 4 times.  Not often discussed are the injuries in season 3, 8, and 9.  The season 3 injury changed the way he was used moving forward and the season 8 injury set up the season 9 injury that limited him to 1 start and virtually ended his career.  He had 7 seasons prior to generation so his stats could be better.

Hanley Decker (9)- Hanley's 243 wins are the most by a hall eligible player not in the hall.  2 time Cy Young winner and 3 time all-star.

Brutus Bryant (6)- Brutus was the best pitcher in the NL not named Donnie Brown during his career.  It is worth noting that from 4 to 13, Brown won ever Cy Young award but one.  That one was won by Bryant.  Bryant's case is hurt by misuse.  The guy could have pitched over 300 innings a season for 10 years.  He just was not used that way.

Willis Little (5)- 397 saves, 9 time all-star, 5 time fireman of the year.  I did not vote for him this year because we had a strong class.  I will vote for him again next year.  He only blew 47 saves in his career.  He also has 4 years that have no stats generated.  Best closer in the history of Ruth.

Kevin O'Connor (5)- 2-time MVP winner.  Played in 6 all-star games and won 3 silver slugger awards as a 1b.  His main draw is his 561 major league homers in 13 seasons. Career .583 SLG and .975 career OPS.

Alex Belliard (5)- Among eligible candidates Belliard has the most hits.  He was a dual threat, achieving a 40-30 seasona dn coming cllose to another 30-30 season.  He has multiple all-star and silver slugger awards.  No MVP's however and he only played 14 full seasons and was less than 300 hits from 3000.  He was extremely healthy as well though so he missed no injury time.

Midre Aquino (4)- 6 all-star appearances and 1 Cy Young award hardly tell the story of the second best NL pitcher not named Donnie Brown during Aquino's career.  226 career wins, second all time not in the hall but hall eligible.  Curiously he never won 20 in a season and played on some very good teams.  He does have over 2800 strikeouts for his career.

Benito Romero (3)- I voted for him a couple seasons ago.  He has the highest career average of any HBD player.  His numbers would be really good if HBD was not started mid career.  He also played a bulk of his career in Coors.  2 strikes against him there.

Luis Johnson (2)- Johnson is a 6 time all-star and one time Cy Young winner.  He lost 4 years off the start of his career.  From season 3 to season 10 he was a dominating force in the lague and very good outside of those seasons.

Peter Belinda (2)- 633 homers and a .915 OPS go with his 2 1b Gold Glove awards.

Tyrone Beltre (1)- Homer vote for a guy with 405 and 2065 hits.  He does have 4 SS awards as a SS and 4 all-star appearances.

Luis Benitez (1)- I am glad to see he got a vote.  Benitez is one of my favorite players of all time.  He hit 536 career homers and named a all-star 4 times.  The main reason I love him is that he was one of the key pieces in the trade that brought Hugh Campbell to St. Louis.  Campbell was never an all-star player but he was a key piece in two world series teams.

Anthony Abercrombie (1)- 2 all stars, 3 silver sluggers as a SS.  Played most of his career as a SS, CF or 3b.  He has the second most hits of eligible players not in the hall.  Pretty good production for the position and I may warm on him for it.

Rob Adams (1)- Rob Adams has 355 career home runs and a career OPS of .897.  He is a career 1b.  Sadly his minor league numbers from season one are gone causing a brief mystery to me as I looked over his seasonal performance.

Timo Kondou (1)- Kondu Scared me greatly as an opposing manager.  Season 1 MVP and a 3 time all-star.  He won a world series in season 2.  He is a victim of mid-career generation.

Russ Maurer (1)- Maurer has 213 career wins and deserves some recognition for that.  He is a 4 time all-star and won a Cy Young award in season 7.  He was not as good as Luis Johnson.  Curiously he was also traded during season 7.

Tom Saunders (1)- Who knew Saunders had more career saves than little?  He also had 78 blown saves.  He is a 9 time all-star.  He is kind of like the HBD equivalent of Lee Smith.  He has the numbers but was never the best.

Trey Ransom (1)- Ransom had 542 homers in his career.  A bulk of his career was played as a DH.  His secondary position was catcher, where he played less than 1/3 of his games.

Valerio James (0)- James is a piece of HBD history.  When the game first started in season one, the owner who had James inexplicably waived him.  Schedule1, who needed no help from day 1, had waiver position 1 and was very confident he had won the claim.  I luckily had waiver position 0 and was awarded the rights to James, who became a solid contributor for his major league career.  He was a key part of the trade to bring Lou Vaughn and Donald Yang to St. Louis.  Both of whom played key roles on two world series teams.

Sherm Lawton (0)- 701 homers and no votes.

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