Monday, August 2, 2010

Alex Mendez 2394

Alex Mendez is my favorite HBD player of all time. He has 2394minor league hits.

Through 17 seasons he has known one franchise, the St. Louis Armstrongs. At the end of season 11 I figured he was set to retire. 30 years old, no major league at bats, not on the 40 man roster. I gave him a cup of coffee, and he did ok. Really he did not hit but he got on base just fine.
Looking over his ratings I often wonder why he never came up before that. Clearly he was not an all star caliber player but he was a quality platoon type and a decent pinch hitter to have on the bench to face lefties. His path to the majors was blocked by Marvin, originally, and eventually Frank and Ned.

So he is loyal to a fault and will always have a job in my organization and is free to stay on my team as long as he likes.

So how extreme is my fandom? I know he has 5 kids...that his wife knows about. I have visited his house on google maps found here
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He owns a sizable baseball academy and has a career lined up when he decides to walk away. I am willing to give him full time playing time for 4 more seasons for the sole purpose of seeing him get to 3000 minor league hits.

I know he wears #28 in honor of his Great Grandfather

He is the reason I would love to see WIS track minor league stats. I doubt there is another player in Ruth with as many minor league hits or as many seasons with one franchise and so few major league hits.

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