Thursday, August 12, 2010

Sammy Manzanillo

Sammy Manzanillowas born in a poor city of Pueblo Viejo, DO. When he entered the league in season one he was already in his prime and felt he was ready to go. In an effort to not rush him, as well as extend team control over Sammy, he was kept in the minors most of the season running up a OPS of 1.293 over 73 games between AA and AAA.
Upon his arrival in the show he was adequate during his debut season nothing special but some flashes of his brilliance.
Season 2 is when he put it all together and had his best season. Slugging 54 HR, driving in 165 batters while scoring 156 is an amazing line, matched by few players. The season did earn him his only career MVP.
The next few years were good but Sammy could never replicate the success of season 2. The fans turned on him at times, despite team successes like a season 3 World series championship.
While he never made the exclusive 3000 hit level, he did exit the league on his terms.
Cue the Sinatra please and break out the suds. Welcome to e-Cooperstown Sammy.

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