Thursday, March 10, 2011

Take one down and pass it around

Take one down and pass it around is Chuck Masset's favorite chorus and it applies to his season this year.  After spring training Chuck Masset was a rule V draft pick,16th pick overall but only the 10th player taken.  His projections look like he has potential to be a major leaguer.  His current ratings make it look like those ratings may be reachable unless his season continues the way it is now.

Currently his ratings are beginning to slide, part of it is limited opportunities since he has only pitched 15 innings this season.  15 innings is hardly anything to be ashamed of though and there are some closers with fewer innings pitched.

The real culprit is that transaction log.  Masset, currently residing on the waiver wire, has already been on four teams this season and it would not be shocking to see him claimed now.  Good luck Chuck, hope you get waived 4 more times this season.

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