Saturday, March 12, 2011

Season 20 NL All Star Candidates: Second Base

1. Vic Ramirez: Ramirez hit .412 in his last full season in AAA during season 18.

2. Jack Casian:  Chicago is very thankful Casian has been productive and made up for some lack of contributions from other positions.

3. Bobby Valentin:  Valentin has long been the St. Louis team MVP.

4. Miguel Alvarado:  This guy would be at the top of the AL list.

5. Jeff Simpkins:  I use the league leaders page under stats and sort by positions to do this blog feature.  Tampa (NL) has two 2b in the top five for all star consideration.

The NL 2b All Star candidates is an impressive list of stats.  No overwhelming home-run numbers but some very solid offensive players, most of whom get on base very well.

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