Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Season 20 NL All Star Candidates: RF

1.Don Tanaka: Perennial MVP candidate Tanaka's power numbers are impressive. His ability to get on base is his most valuable weapon.
2.Brandon Walsh:  Walsh may be the player who is not an Armstrong who I wish was an Armstrong the most.
3. Julio Iglesias:  His power numbers are impressive, he is looking to surpass last season's monster season.
4.  Alex Matsumoto:  Although he is primarily a 1b he does have 35 games in rightfield.  One of two TB players on the list.
5.Ronnie Parent:  Parent is mostly playing LF but shows up as a RF.

I can't believe I had to leave Ned Andrews off the list.  He is annually one of my most disappointing players.  He puts up good numbers but they never seem to meet what I expect based on his ratings.

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