Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Player Profile: Karim Castro

Karim Castro is a sentimental favorite of mine.  He leapfrogs a couple others who have better overall numbers but fewer IP than him.  Who would have ever figured a player with a projected 28 health would end up pitching almost 1500 major league innings over the course of his 14 year career.  He also has 14 trips to the DL and is still performing at a high level.  If there was a comeback player of the year award in HBD he would have won it more than once.  He is the Chad Pennington of HBD.  His signing bonus was $7.9 million and he more than earned it over his career.  The one area he has always been hurt most by his health is in contract negotiating.  At his peak he had control over 70 and splits in the high 70's, his ratings were all star caliber, but he was never able to earn over $3.8 million per season because Lloyd's of London wouldn't touch him.  At 34 years old he is nearing the declining stage but he is still pretty good and will likely be a free agent value after the season.

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