Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Season 20 AL All Star Candidates: RP

1. Eric Turnbow:  Turnbow has been fantastic and is working on a contract year.  His previous seasons have been good, this one is outstanding.  He is coming off a huge contract.  What is he asking for next season?
2.Victor Fernandez: Fernandez has pitched often and been pretty good.  He is averaging over 9k/9
3.Brutus Chambers:  Chambers has been a rock at the end of the Cleveland bullpen.
4.Terry Hunt:  I almost missed hunt but his 88 IP out of the pen and his 12-0 record could easily have him as high as second on this list.
5.Wilbur Osborn:  Osborn's numbers are very good but his ratings are a puzzler.  His durability is too low to be either a reliable starter or a full time reliever.  How would be the best way to maximize innings?

Marino Ayala, Larry Dye, and Tony Sanchez have all been fantastic.  Sanchez is a perfect 27-27 in save opportunites.  None of them meet the IP criteria.

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