Friday, March 18, 2011

Season 20: Mid-Season Awards- NL MVP

My criteria for MVP is not based solely on stats, although they play a big part in it.  Team success and expectations also plays a role in it.

1.  Don Tanaka: Tanaka does it all on offense, table setter, run producer, steals, he is the heart and soul of a dominant Tampa team.

2.Russell Tracy: Hartford was predicted to be a darkhorse tam this season and so far they are one of the top 3 teams in the league.  Tracy plays a huge role in their success.
3.Javier Javier:  Javier has carried this team for most of the season.  Considering the injuries and underperformance of others on this team it is amazing they are in charge of the second wild card slot.

4.  Brandon Walsh:  It was a toss up between Walsh and William Dalrymple.  While Dalrymple's power is impressive, Walsh's ability to get on base provides more value to the Huntington team.

5.  Bobby Valentin:  As Valentin goes so goes the Armstrongs.  When he slumps the team slumps, when he is hot the team is hot.

P.T. Belliard is having a great season but his team is 6 out of the division and 4 out of the wild card.  If they can make a run in the second half then Belliard will move up on this list, pretty close to the top.

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