Friday, March 18, 2011

Season 20: Mid-Season Awards- AL MVP

1. Donaldo Santana:  It was a tough call between Santana, Willie Alcantara, and Javier Arroyo.  What I cannot figure out is how Santana has scored so many more runs than the other team with a significantly lower OBP than both of them while playing for the same team.  He also has many more RBI.
2.Kordell Mintz:  Mintz has been the driving offensive player on the second best team in the AL while playing a difficult defensive position.
3. Pat Hernandez Hernandez has Cleveland in a position to be the first non-Syracuse team to win the AL North.  Can he keep them there?
4. John Yamaguchi: Yamaguchi has been one of the most dominating players in Ruth history, he has no MVP awards.  This may be his last shot.  His international signing bonus was only $9.5m impressive.
5. Eddie Arnold:  Arnold and Oswaldo Franco were both up for the final slot and I gave Arnold a slight edge.  The fact that they are both so similar and up for consideration could also be the argument aghainst both of them.

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