Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Season 20 NL All Star Candidates: SP

1. Rico Pascual:  Very impressive resume already and he is on his way to his first Cy Young.  He has already been player of the week twice this season.  His EAR is over 1.4 runs better than the next closest player, you could almost double what he has allowed.  He only allowed 2 runs on 5 hits over 8 in his only loss of the season.
2.Al Olivares:  Breakout season so far for Olivares.  Can he keep it up?
3.Kevin Shigetoshi  League leader in k's so far this season and his other stats are impressive too.
4. Angel Sosa: Finese guy here, playing well.
5.Marc Elster:  Elster lacks wins but has been very reliable.  Questions of his value are being answered well so far.

 Next up would have beenRoger Camilli:  What is the secret with this guy?  His numbers seem out of line with his ratings and his team is not very good.

Dicky Fengjust missed the list as well

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