Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Season 20 AL All Star Candidates: SP

1. Ryan Edwards:  He has a few less starts then some guys but has great stats.

2. Victor Nieves: Nieves best season since winning the Cy Young award in season 13.

3.Ted Yates:  Yates is the first of three guys I juggled over the final three spots.  I moved them and looked at the stats over and over.  All are a little light on wins but that is a team stat and great pitching does not always have the wins to show for it.

4.P.T. Giles: Giles, Evans and Yates could all be argued for any of the slots 3-5.

5. Ray Evans:  The further I looked though I settled on Evans 5th because of IP and a higher WHIP mainly caused by walks.

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