Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Hall of Fame results (total votes last year)

Season 19- voting results

Season 20- My ballot

Hall of Fame Class of Season 20
Hawk Walker18 (14)- For contributions to the game and his 2 Cy Young Awards and 4 All-Star appearances.  See blog entry and jersey pictures.

Failed to gain entry
Matty Dotel14 (new candidate)- See blog entry on Dotel for the details.  Campaign starts now.  If Sammy Manzanillo is a Hall of Famer then there is no doubt Dotel belongs in the Hall.  See blog entry.

Willis Little 13 (5)-  Saunders has more saves, Little was dominating.  Now that Baxter has passed him has he missed his chance?  See old blog entry

Hanley Decker 12 (9)- 3 votes closer.  2 Cy Young awards, mid-career creation.  Dominant for a time period.  He should get in eventually.

Brutus Bryant 6 (6)- I like Brutus, he was a workhorse and did whatever was asked of him.  A poor man's Donnie Brown.

Midre Aquino 5 (4)- 7 All-Star teams and one Cy Young Award.  He also had 2885 K's in his career.

Alex Ortiz5- Maybe the most remarkable thing about him is that he hit 40 hr in 277 ab in half a season in Colorado in season 5.

Alex Belliard 5 (5)- I am going to look very closely here next year to see how good he was.  See blog entry.

Benito Romero 4 (3)- Coors effect.  I do not want Dante Bichette in the Hall.  Career OPS over his career.

Luis Johnson 4 (2)- Very good pitcher, was he great?  I wish I could figure out how to calculate +statistics to compare him to the league at the time. See blog entry.

Tom Saunders 3 (1)- I am not a fan of his numbers.  There are more dominating relievers and after this season he will no longer be the career record holder for saves.

Kevin O'Connor 3 (5)- 13 years in the majors and over 500 homers.

Sherman Lawton 3 (0)- Over 700 home euns and he only gets a vote from me.  See blog entry.

Russ Maurer 2 (1)- Top 15 pitcher in the league at one point.  By that I mean he was not top 10.  He did win a Cy Young Award.

Anthony Abercrombie 2 (1)- played SS more than any other position and 2700 hits is impressive.  He was more of an accumulator that a dominator, he only had 2 all star appearance.
Peter Belinda 1 (2)- Very strong stats but played a position that is dominated by bats.

Timo Kondou 1 (1)- Three all-star appearances on the tail end of his career has the "Pride of Kabul" wishing there was a Veteran's Committee.

Trey Ransom 1 (1)- A DH who caught some.  No awards.

Tyrone Beltre 1 (1)- Another primary ss.  4 all star appearances and 4 silver sluggers to accompany that bug ballpark advantage

Luis Benitez 1 (1)- Benitez was an Armstrong and did some good things.  When I hear his name however I always think, choker. He turned it off in the playoffs.

Rob Adams 0 (1)- so long support. 

Stump May 0 (0)- See blog entry.

Next season I pledge not to nominate anyone who I know will not get in.  That includesStump Mayand Valerio James.

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