Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Player Spotlight: Ernie Randall

Ernie Randall has gotten off to a fast start.  Through 7 games Randall has a .536 BA, a .606 OBP He has been fast riser in fantasy leagues but is a down to earth guy.

When asked about his success so far he seemed disappointed, "They are just stats man.  I am more disappointed with out overall record.  Sure I am happy to be playing well but if we aint winnin' it aint worth a hill of pickles."

The last few seasons life for this franchise have been disappointing.  They won the World Series in season 13 and then last season saw a huge drop off in wins.  Team owner billyhowell sold the team and they were relocated.  With the relocation comes new hope.  One fan even remarked, " If this team doesn't win the division I will eat a sock"  While the jury is still out on the team's early season performance the potential is still there.

Part of the early season struggles can be attributed to Mike Harvey who, as one of the team's biggest run producers, really hasn't gotten the stick going.  Then there are pitchers Anthony Crespo, Ryan Edwards, and Valerio Gonzales who have been hit hard so far.  They will turn it around.

Randall remains upbeat, "We get'em back.  Isa long season and we catch up and win our fair rewards." 

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