Thursday, February 10, 2011

Hall of Fame Candidate: Matty Dotel

Matty Dotel is another 1b and DH type.  The biggest difference between him and Belinda and Lawton is he actually made 5 all star games.  His whole career is accounted for after spending season 1 in AAA he came on season 2 to hit 43 home runs.  By the time he retired after season 19 he had compiled 704 home runs.  So how does he compare to Sherman Lawton since the home run totals are so close.  Dotel is #5 all time in the home run category.

The biggest difference is in the area of hits.  Dotel finished with 3061 hits, about 800 more than Dotel.  5 at bats shy of 10,000; almost 1800 runs; over 1900 RBI; a .951 career OPS.

He was one of the legendary hitters of HBD any player with 3000+ hits and 700 homers deserves to be in the Hall, regardless of position.

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