Friday, February 11, 2011

Season Preview: NL East

Pitching Staff:  6 of 10
Offense:  5 of 10
Bench: 4 of 10
Defense: 5 of 10
Minor League Grade: B-
Divisional Finish: 3
Notes: 15 positional players and 10 pitchers (2 of whom are natural relievers) leads to some tired pitching arms very quickly.  The top 4 SP look good and the closer looks solid as well.  I would have rated the arms higher if there were 2 more of them, preferably for the bullpen.  There are not a lot of offensive prospects but the pitching ones look plentiful.


Pitching Staff:  4 of 10
Offense: 5 of 10
Bench: 10 of 10

Defense: 7 of 10
Minor League Grade: B-
Divisional Finish: 2
Notes:  This team is crazy.  They have 7 2b and 3 SS to go with 1 RF and 1 "C" who cannot call a game.  I have no idea who is playing where.  The bench should be flexible.  As of this writing there are still 3 open roster spots I assume are for pitchers.  The staff is short and will struggle even when complete.  The best reliever will need plenty of rest and may not exceed 48 IP.  The minors offer several good SS and 2b prospects who will fit well in the majors.  Several ML caliber pitchers under development.  No real all-star types however.

New York

Pitching Staff:  5 of 10
Offense: 4 of 10
Bench: 1 of 10

Defense: 5 of 10
Minor League Grade: B+
Divisional Finish: 4
Notes:  Only 10 positional players and 10 pitchers as of this writing.  Multiple value type players.  The AAA staff may be better right now than the major league staff.  A lot of future major league players with a couple really strong pitchers.  SP is an organizational depth.

St. Louis

Pitching Staff: 8 of 10
Offense: 6 of 10
Bench: 8 of 10

Defense: 6 of 10
Minor League Grade: B-
Divisional Finish:1
Notes: Last season's tandem rotation gives way to the Hybrid Tandem with 2 workhorse in the lead and 4 other pros who can go 4-5 a game.  Offense will be the issue of the team.  The roster offers a lot of positional flexibility.  They really need another run producer to be a serious threat.  The minor leagues a few potential major leaguers moving through including a couple future all stars.  Fewer offensive prospects.

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Brian Campos said...

This division really could go to any of the 4 teams in it. I would be surprised if any team is over 6 games out in the end. None of these teams will be in the hunt for the wild cards.