Monday, February 21, 2011

Player Profile: Roger Weston

Rogers Weston is a future Hall of Famer, the Ruth all-time leader in hits by over 4oo and is 5th all time in walks.  Part of his success is longevity and his ability to accumulate but he has had success enough to stay in the games.  He has been traded three times (trades included Bobby Valentin, Andre Reese, Randall Anderson, Ismael Samuel, Edgar Padilla, Damaso Renteria, and Danny Lennon).  His player cardd says he has played 21 seasons and only 17 in the majors but his stats only show 44 minor league games (6 in season 3 and 38 in season 18).  He has 60 minor league hits and 65 post season hits.

He is a 7 time all star, 4 time silver slugger and one time World Series champ. The most he ever made in a season was $9.4, this was during what was probably his worst statistical season in his prime.  He played everywhere in the field.  2b was his primary position with 1082 games but he also had 632 games at 3b, 482 at ss, 219 as a rf, and 211 as a DH.  Another 108 games are split between cf and lf.  His overall rating of 90 at its peak made him an all-star.

The question now with Weston is what next.  He is on the waiver wire currently and sits 3 hits shy of 3500.  He is 39 years old and his last two contracts have been for the league minimum.  There is not much of a chance of him contributing much to a contender but he still has the ratings to be slightly useful off the bench versus righties.  The last remaining question is whether his hits record will ever fall.

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