Thursday, February 10, 2011

Hall of Fame Candidate: Luis Johnson

Luis Johnson's candidacy is less clear cut than Hawk Walker.

He has more career wins than Walker, at 196 but he also has 105 losses.  For his career he had a 1.19 era but 10 of his seasons came pitching in pitcher friendly parks in LA and SD. He has over 2000 career strikeouts but doesn't rank in the top 5 for career K's.  While Hawk could argue half a career of uncollected stats Johnson only has 4 missing seasons.  7 trips to the DL hurt his overall numbers.  6 all star appearances, 5 coming consecutively show an extended period of dominance (in LA and SD).  There is also one cy young and one World Series title.

To try and make sense of his candidacy I tried to find a career comparison.  I settled on Kevin Brown.  I then asked myself, does Kevin Brown belong in the hall of fame?

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