Friday, February 11, 2011

Season 20 Preview: NL North

Pitching Staff: 5 of 10
Offense: 4 of 10
Bench: 0 of 10
Defense: 10 of 10
Minor League Grade: D
Divisional Finish:
Notes: At the time of ranking the team has 5 open roster spots, that will address the bench concerns.  On offense I see 2 really good bats, 2 more solid bats, and then some big holes.  This team will struggle to score.  The pitching staff is comprised of several #3 starters and set up men. Not a lot of help on its way up from the minors.  Defense is the primary focus of development.


Pitching Staff: 8 of 10
Offense: 9 of 10
Bench: 6 of 10
Defense: 6 of 10
Minor League Grade D+
Divisional Finish: 1st
Notes: This team is stacked from top to bottom.  Good flexibility on the offense, deep pitching staff, average defense that will not hurt the team, shut down closer.  The minors are a weakness, a couple offensive guys in the work, a few relievers and one potential backend starter

Pitching Staff: 6 of 10
Offense: 7 of 10
Bench: 8 of 10
Defense: 7 of 10
Minor League Grade: B
Divisional Finish: 2nd
Notes: Best outfield in the division? I like Jimmie Flores good talent in CF.  Ronald Milton may be destined for 1b with Shannon Clark ready to play.  The minors are very top heavy with some real good talent.  The lower levels is thinner. This may end up as my darkhorse team.


Pitching Staff: 2 of 10
Offense: 1 of 10
Bench: 1 of 10
Defense: 6 of 10
Minor League Grade: B+
Divisional Finish: 4th (potential 1st overall draft pick s21)

Notes:  I count 5 pitchers and 3 positional guys who could be reliable major leaguers The minors have multiple future all stars, as would be expected but the also have this guy Gus LaPorta, who is a turd of a #2 overall in last season's draft

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