Thursday, February 10, 2011

Hall of Fame Candidate: Peter Belinda

Peter Belinda's whole career is accounted for.  Like Lawton we do not have to use our imagination. Belinda is comparable to Lawton is a few ways, but almost a poor man's Sherman Lawton.  No Allstar appearances, instead of catcher as a secondary position his secondary position is 2b, where he was prett good.  His last season in the majors was still very productive.  Why did he retire?  He could have stuck around and added a few more homers to his 633 total but probably not enough to get to the 700 that Sherman has.  2158 hits is just a few less than Lawton and his .914 ops is a shade lower than Lawton.  I look over the stats and he almost reminds me of Carlos Delgado (who incidently came up as a catcher but played mostly as a 1b)  if I go with that comparison I may consider the closest comparison to Lawton to be Rafael Palmeiro...without the black cloud and a better secondary position.

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