Thursday, February 10, 2011

Hall of Fame Ballot

For my Hall of Fame ballot I voted for 5 candidates
1. Matty Dotel: See blog entry.  Best candidate on the ballot
2. Hawk Walker:  See blog entry.  If he is elected can I get a picture of the jersey to post to the blog?
3. Hanley Decker: I had not planned on voting for Hanley but his 2 Cy Youngs put him ahead of other pitchers.  He may have lost 1 major league year of the start of his career so 243 wins is pretty strong.
4.Willis Little :Saunders may have the saves record, Little was more dominant.
5.Sherman Lawton :See blog entry.

Other players I considered this season
1.Peter Belinda
2. Luis Johnson: See blog entry, I remebered him as being better than he was once I looked at the stats.  He was very good no doubt, but I am not sure if he did it long enough.
3.Alex Belliard: This guy did it all.  His career was just too short.
4. Timo Kondou is hurt too much by missing half his career to no generated stats.  If you double the stats he truely accumulated to cover ages 22-30 they would not be good enough in my eyes.
5. Brutus Bryant: I coveted Brutus.  He was a starter and a reliever.  The numbers are crazy when you look deeply at them.  I will likely vote for him and lobby for him next season.
6. Midre Aquino: Midre is another guy we know everything about.  His 2800+ K's are a big draw and his 200+ wins also draw attention.  He will be viewed kindly by history as 300 game winners become very rare and 250 wins becomes the magic number.
7. Russ Maurer: Maurer's are comparable to Aquino just a not as good.  Add in that he pitched 3 seasons in Coors and maybe there is something worth looking at.

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