Sunday, February 17, 2008

Season Preview Part 1- AL Averages

Starting Lineups I had some really nice charts showing how franchises ranked by starting lineups, starting rotation, and bullpens. They did not look so nice anymore once posted so the short version of it...

1. San Francisco: SF has got a nice mix in all areas. I expect to see Tony Tejero in the several league leaders categories for along time. Sammy Manzanillo may end up as the leagues MVP.
2. Syracuse: Contract year for Aurilia, he is going to have a big season. It will also be interesting to see what a full season of Palacios brings.
3. New York: The team is a little short on power but hits well overall. Hurst, Morgan, and McCarthy are the core of this lineup.
4. Cincinnati: The key to this lineup is what Ortiz does. If he hits righties this lineup can do some big things.
5. Santa Fe: With no true 3b, CF or RF on the opening day roster it is hard to truly gauge who will get the AB. The one thing easy to see is this roster is full of hitters. Based on park factors they will score the most runs. They are also very young, next season they could be #1 on this list.

1. Ottawa: Anderson is my Cy Young pick, provided he can get the innings and run support.
2. Philadelphia: Perry, Cornelius, Slaughter, and Walters will all win 18 so long as the last two stay healthy.
3. Syracuse: If Walker and Osting can go the whole season this team will be tough to stop.
4. Richmond: Anderson and Harris will be very good for a long time.
5. Louisville: This team has 7 starters on the roster and two more who could be used in that role if needed. All are good, only thing missing is a true stud, depending how Mauer ages.

1. Syracuse: only 5 arms here, could fall a bit. Hitch**** is still very good. Too bad no one wants to trade for him.
2. Cincinnati
3. Louisville-
4. New York
5. Richmond

I cut the rationale in favor of AL team capsules.

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sched1/david. said...

glad you like the rotation, brian... but please consider that the 5th starter will be mike peterson. how do you like it now? :).