Friday, February 15, 2008

Biggest FA Acquisition?

So it looks like the biggest free agent acquired this offseason was
All told there were 3 type A free agents signed during the free agent period. The impact of the lettered free agents on this seasons' draft is minimal as there are only 40 picks in the first round. Putting that in perspective, during season one there were 25 type A free agents and 80 picks n the first round of the draft (16 of whom went unsigned). Season one obviously is an aberration as no one could extend the contracts of their best players but 25 down to 3 is a big jump. How about other seasons? Season 2 had 6 type A's, season 3 jumped to 17, Season 4 stayed about the same with 18, season 5 dropped to 10, season 6 fell further to 7 and Season 7 got back up to 9. Three is the fewest type A free agents changing teams so far. Next season looks like we may get a rebound again as there are still several very good players who have not been extended. The best available looks to be Anthony Aurilia
Anthony Aurilia
snow belt
Age: 31B/T: S/R
Born: Pleasant Hill, MO
Position(s): LF
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who is likely to be resigned before hitting the market. On the pitchers side thee are some quality arms but all the best ones are getting older. Is this article premature? You bet.

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sched1/david. said...

don't bet on aurilia seeing the FA market. he's been a snow belt for a long time, and he's the backbone of our lineup.