Thursday, February 9, 2012

Season 24 Hall of Fame

Been a while since I posted.

Below you will find a simplified explanation of the best Hall of Fame Candidates.  We have many qualified candidates.  Please consider voting for 5.  I put my top 5 first then listed some other qualified candidates.

Rogers Weston is the leagues all time hits leader with over 3500 hits.  He also has over 2000 career runs scored.

Trevor Donovan  is just short of 800 homers.  3 time MVP as well.

John Yamaguchi is another 800 homer guy.  How did he make only 6 all star games.  Most impressively, during his prime 17 seasons he averaged 134 games.  What would the numbers look like with an extra 5 games a season during those big years?

Tony Tejera is the darling of the ballot this year.  He came close last year. 2995 career hits and 589 homers.  His 13 all star games demonstrate his sustained statistical run.  10 silver sluggers as a CF.

Almost but not this year for me
Jumbo James was on my original list. 2 Cy youngs and 268 wins look good.  10 All star games as well.

Matty Dotel has 3000 hits and 700 homers.  His career ops is .951!  On the other hand there are no awards other than 5 AS appearances.  In his defense there was a fairly dominant HOF player who won many of them all during MAtty's career

David Andujar has 2900 hits and 600+ homers.  Awesome stats, just a few less than others on this list.

Midre Aquino had over 2800 k's and 226 wins.  The cy young award helps too.

Ernest Baxter  is the all time save leader, a 7 time all star and 4 time fireman of the year.

Joaquin Carreras was an 8 time all star.  No one really advocates for him but he won 6 silver sluggers as a cf.  2 Gold gloves go with those SS so it wasn't just a bat.

Kevin O'Connor has been mentioned by some.  His short career hurts him as he doesn't have some of the counting numbers others have.  he does have 3 MVP awards and 7 all star games.

Dustin Rizzo had a strong career with 2500 k's and a cy young.  In a league dominated by hitters his numbers are pretty strong.

Frank Swann is like the John Smoltz of our league.  2 Cy Young awards and a Fireman of the Year Award. 273 career starts and 100 career saves.

Tom Saunders had 437 saves...yawn

Jeff Simpkins only played 12 seasons in the majors and had 1900 hits and an MVP.  Too little time in the bigs but still great stats.

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