Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Season 1 Draft Review

In looking over ideas for blog entries I decided to do a few entries about previous drafts.

The Season one draft is interesting because it was the second ever public draft and the first happened one day prior to ours in Aaron World. The results are interesting and clearly show how little we knew about what we were doing.

The first overall pick in the draft belong controversially to the St. Louis Armstrongs who picked Esteban Franco, nothing wrong with that pick. Syracuse then used the #2 pick to select Sammy Bonilla, not the best player available but still a respectable pro.
#3 David Reed petered out early
#4 never signed
#5 Dustin Rizzo might be the second best player taken.
#6 never signed
#7 was Alan Ward
8,10,14,15 never signed
The steal of the draft came at 26 where future hall of famer Trevor Donovan was picked.

Another great pick was Calvin Holmes at 70, while never great he was a solid pro for many years and you can't beat that with the 70th pick overall.

Short of Donovan though there do not appear to be any Hall of Fame players in the group.

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Asher413 said...

I'd be curious (not that I have time for it) to see which owners hit or missed- even if it was as simple as GP at the ML level. Now that some guys have retired, it's pretty clear which players were ML quality, and which flopped.